PrismHR LIVE 2023: Talking Tech & Making Memories

By James Tehrani

Raise your hand if you attended PrismHR LIVE 🤚; raise your hand if you miss PrismHR LIVE;🤚raise your hand if you did not attend PrismHR LIVE, but wish you did and will not miss it next year. 🤚

We thought so.

It’s been about six weeks since the annual confab concluded at the gorgeous JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Austin, but the memories, as you know, will last a lifetime.

The best part of PrismHR LIVE is the information and fun that is shared with friends and colleagues; the worst part is having to wait a whole ’nother year for the next one.

Next year’s PrismHR LIVE location will be … announced soon. Sorry, no spoilers here just yet, but this year’s PrismHR LIVE was a rockin’ good time for sure.


There were three big areas of focus at this year’s event, and they all had to do with technology. The first centered on the PrismHR Data Warehouse, which was released earlier this year, and offers customers the speed you need to generate reports quickly.

Through careful collaboration, testing and an iterative approach, the PrismHR Data Warehouse offers significantly faster speeds and analytic possibilities that put innovation and data insights into a higher gear with the same enhanced security capability that you’re accustomed to.

The two other big-ticket items at PrismHR LIVE, of course, were the announcement of the Unified Employer Experience (UEX) project scheduled to launch later this year and PrismHCM, which is coming in 2024.

UEX is about improving the look and feel of our software with a modern and intuitive interface. We listened to our customers, and our new UEX, which offers the same responsive approach on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, is designed to help you delight your clients and win new business. It will also include expanded branding capabilities and address accessibility issues to make for a much better overall experience. It might even induce a cartwheel or two.

PrismHCM promises to change the game for HR outsourcers looking to add Administrative Services Organization (ASO) capabilities. Let’s face it: Some small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) just want to do things on their own. Nothing wrong with that, so why not give ’em what they want/don’t want. Options are good! We think our customers are going to absolutely love this new offering because it will help them grow their business quickly.

Day One

Here’s what you missed if you weren’t in Austin or here’s what you experienced if you were there. Early birds got a chance to clock in early and check out what Swipeclock is up to as part of its Base Camp Live tour. After all, there’s no better time to learn than the present.

Shortly after, the 2023 conference got off to a fast start on Sunday night as people mingled during the welcome reception on the third floor of the JW Marriott Austin. Attendees made their way past neon yellow and purple guitars and under a large sign that reminded them they were in the Live Music Capital of the world. Rock on!

And as some noshed on appetizers and sipped a few adult beverages in the main hall, others gathered on the third floor for the Executive Forum Happy Hour sponsored by ClearCo and some in the hotel lobby for a preconference partnership social. All of which were really hopping. You might have even seen yours truly walking around with a mic in hand and a camera crew in tow talking to guests and PrismHR staff. We got the videos to prove it!

Lots of friendly faces were having lots of fun, and you might recognize some of those faces below.

Meanwhile, other PrismHR attendees tried their hand, or their feet, to be exact at playing a few tunes or notes on our oversized floor piano.

Those ready to learn ambled over to the seemingly always busy Discovery Studio—which included the Demo Zone, UX Lab and Brainiac Bar—to learn and to get a glimpse of what’s to come.

You guys really love to talk tech! The Discovery Studio and Exhibit Hall were rocking and rolling throughout the conference as attendees came to learn more about the PrismHR Data Warehouse and the forthcoming UEX and PrismHCM projects and more.

But the first night of PrismHR LIVE was just a taste of what was to come.

Day Two

How many times have you been treated to a concert first thing in the morning? We’re guessing not many. But this conference promised to be a rocker, and that’s what we got with the PrismHR house band cranking out the tunes before the famed Franklin Barbecue line started to form.

The conference itself kicked off with PrismHR’s popular Melissa Eversole and Lee Moreau as our MCs. They were able to bring a little humor and a lot of energy to a much-anticipated event. They also got to introduce the PrismHR keynote speakers: Gary Noke, Tim Pratte and Kevin Andrews.

Later that morning, we learned about “unleadership” from noted public speaker Scott Stratten, who delivered a hilarious keynote address with his famous “man bun” in tow. And even he found himself laughing hysterically when one voice in the crowd answered “Here” to one of his questions with perfect comic timing.

The afternoon was then dedicated to breakout sessions related to cybersecurity, ClientSpace, benefits enrollment and more. Then after a long day of learning, it was off to a fun night of BBQ and fun at the Banger’s offsite event sponsored by our friends at ZayZoon. Guests were treated to live music, a whole lot of meat (and tofu, too) dishes and more. It was an awesome time and an awesome way to end an awesome day at PrismHR LIVE.

Day Three

After a hearty breakfast, it was time to hear from our last keynote speaker of the event, Jeannie Walters, a customer experience expert. There were a lot of “micromoments” during this session, including the ones when she discussed the importance of micromoments to the customer experience. Imagine that!

After Jeannie’s talk, attendees were given a slew of engaging session options, ranging from “The New World of Work” presentation from Mineral to “AI-Driven Recruiting” from HiringThing to “AI in the HR Tech Ecosystem” with Tim Pratte and friends. We promise artificial intelligence did not make us write that!

But the fun was just getting started as attendees gathered together one last time that evening for a terrace party near the pool sponsored by our friends at Norton LifeLock. Yes, there was more great food; yes, there was more great adult beverage choices; yes, there was a woman doing acrobatic moves in a ball in the pool; and, yes, there was live karaoke.

With all the talented singers in the house, we’re not saying that the Taylor Swift tour should be worried—or are we? OK, probably not.

We can’t wait for next year’s PrismHR LIVE. In the meantime, we’d love to see your photos from this year’s event. Please share on social, and don’t forget the hashtags, #PrismHRLIVE and #RaisingtheBar.

That’s your 2023 PrismHR LIVE recap. See ya next year!

James Tehrani is PrismHR’s digital content marketing manager. He is an award-winning writer and editor based in the Chicago area. He did not sing karaoke at this year’s event, but at least he thought about it.