Process 2-3x More Payroll Than Other Systems

Payroll can be one of the trickiest and most labor-intensive functions in HR. PEOs and ASOs need the perfect blend of efficiency and flexibility to support a wide range of unique clients.

The right payroll software can improve your payroll operations by leaps and bounds. Just one employee using PrismHR software can process payroll for up to 1,500 worksite employees or more. PrismHR Payroll makes your team more productive and reduces labor costs – savings that goes right to your bottom line.

Payroll Software That’s Built to Scale

PrismHR payroll software delivers unprecedented processing capacity. You can run more payrolls and take on more clients, so you can grow your business without adding staff. Process multiple payrolls simultaneously, automate common tasks, avoid rekeying information and reduce payroll running time.

Always Accurate

Payroll processors using PrismHR can take advantage of unique capabilities to save time and reduce the possibility of errors.

Always accurate calculations and processing ensures reliable payroll service for your clients. Automated employee tax calculations reduce complexity in processing. When needed, PrismHR confirms that a wire transfer has completed before a payroll processes.

PrismHR payroll ensures that all necessary processes are completed accurately even if different team members are working on that client at the same time.

Efficient and Flexible

PrismHR is consistently recognized as the most productive yet flexible system because it delivers capabilities that aren’t available in other HR systems for PEOs and ASOs. You can control ACH debit limits and set global maximum check amounts for all clients or set specific limits at the client level. PrismHR gives you the flexibility to handle all of your customers’ payroll needs.

PrismHR Payroll software also lets you set prospective pay rate changes for the future, identifies state licensing errors, gives you control over garnishments and much more.

The system knows when someone is supposed to report time or hours and when to collect from clients so each payroll processor can complete each payroll at the right time. PrismHR lets you work on multiple tasks for different clients at the same time, ensuring you use your time as efficiently as possible.

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Deliver the Best Client Experience

Automated payroll workflow helps you stay organized and efficient, and keeps your clients happy. Plus, they get a complete understanding of status and tasks at each stage of the payroll process.

And now, at your discretion, you can even let individual clients process their own payroll. Your clients can have as little or as much control and involvement in the payroll process as they would like – all configurable through the role-based permissions.

Customize your client’s payroll experience by including client logos on checks and payroll self-service dashboards, and send branded payroll reports directly to clients.


With role-based security in PrismHR, you can easily manage client, staff and worksite employee access and permissions. From fields and menus to reports, PrismHR ensures that payroll data is always safe and secure.

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