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Efficient Time Solution Integrated with Payroll, Benefits, & HR

PrismHR Time and Labor, powered by TCP’s TimeClock Plus software, helps HROs and their worksite clients and employees track time and labor quickly and easily from time clocks, the web, and mobile devices. Integrated with PrismHR Payroll, Benefits & HR, PrismHR Time and Labor software replaces manual time sheets and automates the time setup and tracking process.

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Save Time and Money and Reduce Risk

Time data flows seamlessly between PrismHR Payroll, Benefits & HR and Time & Labor. This makes it easy for your team to set up and manage clients, eliminate (or reduce) manual processing, data entry and related issues, saving your team countless hours and errors so they can focus on other processes.

This lowers your operating costs, increases your accuracy, and ultimately decreases your risk.

Offer More Value to Your PEO Clients

PrismHR Time & Labor software provides a comprehensive offering of time tracking solutions, from web input and mobile apps to a complete range of clocks including card swipe, fingerprint scanning and more.

This means exceptional value for your prospects, and it also helps you to retain existing clients.

Work Faster with a Unified Solution

With a fully integrated solution, you work within one system where you never have to manage different user names or passwords or worry about logging into multiple systems.

The same is true for your client managers, so they can run payroll reports and then review time sheets. Worksite employees view paystubs and submit time sheets all from one connected system.

Simplify PTO and Leave Processing

Worksite employees submit and track PTO and leave within PrismHR Time & Labor, tying directly into Payroll.  This makes it easier than ever to track and process leave and ensure employees are paid accurately and on time.

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