Why Choose PrismHR?

PrismHR software is specifically designed to help Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Administrative Services Organizations (ASOs) reduce risk, be more efficient, expand business, and be more profitable.

> 80,000+

PrismHR powers more than
80,000 organizations

> 2+ Million

Delivers payroll, benefits, and HR
to over two million work site employees

> $80+ Billion

Processes more than $80
billion in annual payroll

Reduce Risk

It’s your job to relieve small and midsize businesses of regulatory complexity. It’s our job to create software and information that reduces your risk as you take on these complexities of regulation for your clients.

Changes in legislation can easily increase your risk if you are not aware of them; our customers look to us to help them stay up to date and to adjust as required when those changes are made.

Be More Efficient

One of the benefits of an integrated system is the “enter data once” aspect. Data flows as it logically should from one module to the other without rekeying the data, which reduces the possibility of errors.

The PrismHR software is also designed to meet the specific needs of PEO and ASO companies, enabling them to provide the highest level of service to their customers.

Expand Your Business

PrismHR software is scalable. Some of the largest PEOs and ASOs use our HRO software. The modularity of the software means you can offer new services to your customers when you are ready to do so.

Modules for Human Capital Management (HCM) include Payroll, Benefits Administration, and Hiring; modules for Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) include Financial Operations, HR Administration, Self-service, Employee Onboarding, and Benefits Enrollment.

Be More Profitable

Increasing revenue is essential, but profits must increase with revenue so you can reinvest in your business. Fewer employees are needed to run more payrolls with PrismHR than any other PEO software alternative.

Learn What Customers Think About PrismHR

Partner with the Industry Leader

When you choose PrismHR, you are choosing more than just a software platform, you are partnering with a team of professionals who are deeply invested in the PEO and ASO industry, and dedicated to providing the best technology and services possible. You are also partnering with other professionals in the industry in the sense that we all learn from each other.

For example, as part of our PrismHR LIVE Conference we have a by-invitation executive forum, a half-day opportunity to connect with peers to discuss key industry trends, new methods for attracting and retaining new customers, and to influence the PrismHR product roadmap.

One of the benefits of working with an organization that has been in the industry for more than 20 years is the amount of feedback and insight we have received, and continue to get, from our PEO and ASO customers. We obtain that feedback through a variety of channels, including an advisory council, our annual event, and frequent customer research and surveys.

As a direct result of that insight:

  • PrismHR software provides the most comprehensive integrated modules that minimize redundant tasks and allow you to grow efficiently.
  • Our cloud-based software platform — payroll processing, benefits and human resources administration, billing, new hire onboarding, benefits enrollment, and self service — can all be accessed anytime, anywhere, across any devices.
  • PrismHR provides a depth and breadth of functionality that is unmatched in the industry. PEOs tell us it allows them to sell more services, and perform them more efficiently. The integration between modules makes it possible to get their own clients up and running quickly with those new services.