Customize and Integrate PrismHR with Third Party and Custom Applications

While PrismHR is the most complete HR platform for PEOs, many organizations have custom applications and requirements that are unique to their business.

The PrismHR web services API makes it easy to exchange data between PrismHR and other systems in real time, so you can extend and integrate with the core PrismHR platform.


Use SOAP, REST, XML and JSON to take advantage of the API.

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Contact us to learn how PrismHR's API can extend functionality and share data with the systems you're already using.

Deep Platform Integration

The API exposes access to events, including the employee and client detail records, benefits and deductions. You can also modify data to or from job applicants, employees, timesheets and more. Lastly, you can extract data from job applicant records, employee and client details, benefits and deductions.

Automate & Streamline Processes

Use the API to connect systems and eliminate the need to manually re-key information between PrismHR and other applications. Automating manual processes increases accuracy, reduces ongoing overhead and increases your agility.

Built for Your Unique Needs

Use the PrismHR platform as the central hub for all your data to connect and integrate with systems that are unique to your business. PrismHR customers have integrated with time tracking applications that match their business needs, and even delivered their own custom portals to their customers.

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