Get strategic and technical guidance from PrismHR experts to help increase technology adoption and efficiency.

Are you interested in identifying inefficiencies in your current processes so your staff can accomplish more with the same resources? Do you want to get your team up to speed on the latest PrismHR platform enhancements faster?

Our experienced team of consultants is here to help your team be more efficient and productive. Choose from the following options or let us know what you need and we can customize a plan for you.



dedicated product consultant prismhr

Meet with a PrismHR subject matter expert for consulting and guidance. Your dedicated product consultant will get to know your business, educate you on the latest platform enhancements, answer questions and share best practices, and help your team work more efficiently in the PrismHR platform.

  • Review new functionality in quarterly releases
  • Focused training
  • General Q&A


Identify efficiency gaps in your current processes and get a personalized improvement plan from PrismHR consultants.

  • Discovery workshop including interviews, discussions with your subject matter experts, and shadowing your team
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations
  • Training plan to implement best practices and ensure your team is fully up to speed



Health Checks can be general or targeted to specific areas, such as:

Health Checks

Data Engineering

Rather than spending hours on manual data entry, leverage our data engineers to import data or make mass changes. We can help with benefit rates and adjustments, pay rates, workers’ compensation and SUTA rates, and more.

Document Management Migration

Work with a PrismHR expert to consolidate your client files from multiple repositories into a single database, and implement a process to manage documents efficiently.

Learn more about how our Professional Services team can help you increase productivity and efficiency.