National PEO Week: Dreams Come True Thanks to You 

There are dreamers everywhere …  Walk down Main Street USA, and you’ll see those dreamers behind those storefronts helping customers. They also play a key role in helping their communities thrive.   But for every Toms Shoes—which started as a small business way back when and has since grown into a shoemaking and shoe-donating juggernaut—there’s an...Read more

Partner Events Shine Bright at PrismHR LIVE

Prepare to be dazzled by the dynamic lineup of Marketplace Partners at this year’s PrismHR LIVE event! With an array of partner activities ready to light up Nashville, the countdown to an unforgettable experience has begun. Don’t miss out on the excitement – every moment promises to be extraordinary!  Visit with the Partnerships Team at...Read more

PrismHR LIVE: It's Almost Your Time to Shine

While PrismHR LIVE traces its roots back to the “ScorPEO” days of the early 2000s, the annual customer conference that you know and love today adopted its current name in 2015.  That first LIVE event took place in Beantown (Boston) and this year’s conference takes place in Music City (Nashville).  And your time to shine...Read more

Taxes Can Be Taxing for PEOs Without PrismHR

Tax Day 2024 has come and gone, and most employees won’t be thinking about taxes again till next April. For employers, however, managing payroll taxes is a never-ending process, and compliance is paramount. The IRS assessed businesses with penalties totaling $8.6 billion in 2023 for issues with federal employment taxes, according to recently released data.Read more

6 Reasons SMBs Decide to Bring HR Software Inhouse

When a small and medium-sized business (SMB) graduates from a PEO model, the PEO is often left wondering why. The prospect of having a client move to a self-service Human Capital Management (HCM) option may seem like a losing proposition. After all, a PEO’s calling card is offering service. Doesn’t a self-service HCM option mean...Read more

PrismHR Spotlight: CSM Lesha Cyphers 

If Lesha Cyphers had her druthers, she would spend most of her time at the beach. Whitecaps, white noise, white-hot summer fun.   Just like being at the beach, things can come in waves when you’re a PrismHR customer success manager (CSM). Instead of just going with the flow, Lesha likes to dive in to...Read more

5 Signs that Indicate a Client Could Be Ready to Move to an HCM Platform

The number of people covered by PEOs has nearly tripled since 2008. That’s good news for PEOs. But it also means the number of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) ready to graduate to a self-service Human Capital Management (HCM) platform is growing too. That’s also good news. By offering customers a self-service option in addition...Read more

How to Fast Track Hiring: Smart Recruiting Strategies to Help Small Businesses

If you’re looking to fast track the hiring process for your clients, it’s crucial to focus on strategies that will accelerate hiring and help ensure they get the best candidates ahead of competitors. For many, this process can feel overwhelming. Read more

PrismHR LIVE 2024: It’s ‘Your Time to Shine’ in Music City

Do you hear that? It must be the sound of music. No, not the Julie Andrews film, but the reverberations coming from Nashville (aka Music City) as we inch closer to PrismHR LIVE. Excited about PrismHR LIVE? Of course you are. This guide might give you a reason or two or three not only to...Read more

Like, Share, Succeed: The Social Side of Performance Management

“And I can’t deny the fact that you like me. Right now, you like me!” Who knew Sally Fields’ 1985 Academy Awards acceptance speech would still resonate in our modern society. Take, for instance, the fact that Instagram users hit the “like” button on posts over 4 billion times daily. It makes perfect sense that...Read more

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