What I Learned About Workers’ Compensation Data Collection from Having Two Young Boys

The crying six-year-old arrived at the front door first. A palm covered his forehead as tears drizzled down his face. He fell in my arms and called for his mother (as my children tend to do despite my sincere efforts to comfort them). Through the screen door I saw his three-year-old brother waddling up the... Read more

The Craigies are Coming!

PrismHR LIVE gets bigger every year and so do The Craigies! That’s right, The PrismHR Digital Marketing Awards, also known as The Craigies, recognize and celebrate HR service provider marketing excellence. Just like the Academy Awards are called the Oscars, The PrismHR Digital Marketing Awards also have a nickname, The Craigies – named after PEO... Read more

6 Ways HROs Can Improve Marketing and Sales Alignment in 2019

Like diet and exercise for our personal well-being, sales and marketing alignment can have dramatic health benefits for your business. And like the “eat better, exercise more” refrain that gets repeated to us and reverberates in our heads (especially around this time of year), you may be sick of hearing about how your marketing and... Read more

3 Things You Should Consider When Selecting a Paycard Provider

This blog was written by Wade Goins, CEO & Co-Founder of Kurensē. When it comes to payroll, speed and efficiency are key. Traditional paper payroll checks cost employers a lot of time and money, and they can open the door to fraud via stolen routing and account numbers. They are also inconvenient and slow for... Read more

How to Safeguard Your HRO from Payroll Fraud

A new client runs its first pay card payroll but the ACH comes back as “insufficient funds”—and the client is nowhere to be found. A second client runs two unexceptional small payrolls before telling you they just signed a big customer which requires 40 immediate new hires to handle the additional business. They also need... Read more

A 5-Step Blueprint for Building an Efficient Sales Organization

What are the qualities of top-performing sales organizations? For one, they work efficiently. Those administrative and other non-selling tasks that nibble away at the day get cleared off their plate as much as possible. But ensuring time is spent productively takes more than delegating lower-value tasks. It’s also minimizing wasted effort by focusing on the... Read more

6 Steps to Greater Sales Efficiency

When it comes to changing the habits and processes of a sales operation, there are no overnight successes. It starts with a vision and a commitment by your organization to work incrementally toward a goal. In the case of G&A Partners, the evolution of the sales process occurred over the course of a few years—and... Read more

Quarterly Products and Services Updates from PrismHR - Q3 2018

Every quarter, PrismHR publishes a Products & Services Update to inform customers of the many developments that occur each quarter relating to product updates, new partnerships, customer support initiatives, and lots more. It’s a great way to see the sheer volume of activity that goes on at PrismHR to ensure constant improvement in products, services,... Read more

3 HR Tech Buyer Trends to Help You Win More Deals

The experience walking in a HR tech buyer’s shoes at the HR Technology Conference & Expo in Las Vegas was emotionally and physically exhausting. Nearly 450 vendors spread across the massive expo hall. Up and down the (fifteen!) rows I went, the slick-branded booths and eager faces behind them blurring together. I think it’s safe... Read more

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Many of us have been given this sage advice, often attributed to Will Rogers, when getting ready for a significant new meeting like a job interview or a first date. Even the makers of Head and Shoulders shampoo want to be sure you pay close attention to the first experience people have of you. While... Read more

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