HR Technology

User Experience (UX): What Is It and What Does It Mean for U?

There’s a lot going on these days at PrismHR, and one of the biggest things our HR service provider customers can look forward to is a vast improvement in our user experience (UX). So the first question you might be asking is... what exactly is user experience? Read more

What I Learned About Workers’ Compensation Data Collection from Having Two Young Boys

Two boys, two lumps, many questions. Finding the truth to what happened to Matt Raymond's sons hurt on the playset took some detective work as a parent. Read more

3 HR Tech Buyer Trends to Help You Win More Deals

There is more demand than ever for HR tech and outsourcing as well as opportunities to stand out and win business. Check out these 3 HR tech buyer trends. Read more

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

A positive first impression has a significant impact on employee performance/retention. Is your new employee onboarding process a positive first impression, or just as painful as going to the DMV? Read more

The Journey that Starts with a Form

One of the most important journeys in our life is the journey to our career, and that starts with a single form - a new hire form. Learn how a mobile-centric, user-friendly onboarding process is central to that with a conference session by Jim Richmond, PrismHR Product Manager. Read more

Software User Experience (UX) Matters for HR Service Providers and SMBs: UX Experts Explain Why

Read the discussion with PrismHR UX Designers to learn what UX actually means, why it matters, and what constitutes a quality user experience for HROs and their clients. Read more

Why a Strong HR Technology Vendor is Important

Choosing the right software for your business is always a challenge. Functionality comparisons for all of the internal user groups, pricing assessments, and service agreement reviews are just a few of the many factors you need to consider when evaluating software solutions. Read more

How PEOs and ASOs Can Improve Client Satisfaction with Systems

Learn how PEOs and ASOs can manage customer issues faster and more accurately by using a centralized system for client service. PrismHR Pulse can help. Read more

Automating Benefits Enrollment: A Customer’s Perspective

Thinking about automating benefits enrollment? Hear from Brenda Rowan, Director of Operations and Payroll at PrismHR customer XMI, on why XMI chose to automate, how it has helped them, and her advice for other organizations like hers about the advantages of automating benefits enrollment. Read more

What to Look for When Automating Benefits Enrollment

Benefits enrollment is an essential part of the service offering provided by many PEOs, ASOs, or HROs. Making the decision to automate your benefits enrollment is an important one, and there are many factors you should consider as you do so. Read more

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