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PrismHR Spotlight: CSM Michael Wolff

As our meeting begins, Michael Wolff, one of PrismHR’s Customer Success Managers (CSMs), pulls out a soccer ball from the shelf behind him.  Hey, this guy’s goal-oriented, I think.  Showing me the country flag on the ball, he asks me, in his calm, cards-to-his-vest sort of way, if I know where he’s originally from. Having...Read more

Melissa Eversole’s New Role at PrismHR Is Bound to Be a ‘Success’

Cincinnati is known for many things. From the recent growth the city has seen in advanced manufacturing to the five championships held by the Reds—the oldest franchise in Major League Baseball—to the emergence of the adorableness of Fritz the baby hippo, who is generating daily “awws” from his fans who visit him at the Cincinnati...Read more

Doing the Heavy Lifting: How Matt Yuknis Made a Career Out of Carrying His ‘Weight’

When I spoke with PrismHR Customer Success Manager (CSM) Matt Yuknis last October about profiling him for our blog, he was a little concerned that he wouldn’t have enough interesting stories to share about his life and career. He even went so far as to tell me he was thinking of the Matchbox Twenty song...Read more

What Is a Human Capital Management (HCM) System?

As a PEO, you’ve probably considered exploring the Administrative Services Organization (ASO) market, which could open up a whole new world of opportunity. Not every SMB prospect is a good fit for a traditional PEO model. And some of your existing clients may outgrow the need for your PEO offering. Enter PrismHCM, our new reimagined...Read more

With PrismHCM, You’ll Be Ready When ‘Graduation’ Day Comes 

Status quo is comfortable, status quo is familiar … status quo isn’t always the best way to go.  As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), you might be thinking to yourself: Why would I want to add a Human Capital Management (HCM) system in the first place? After all, you say. “I’m good enough, I’m smart...Read more

A Look Back at 2023: Big-time Announcements, Big-time Innovation Unleashed

What a big-time year 2023 was filled with big-time fun!  Trying to encapsulate highlights from a year filled with innovation, acceleration and inspiration is like trying to play with a few puppies in a room filled with adorable furry friends—no matter how you try to ignore the others, they are going to find a way...Read more

The PrismHCM Story: What If a PEO Could Keep a Client Easier Even as It Grows? 

By now you might have heard the news about PrismHCM, but you’re still wondering: What exactly is it and what does it mean for my business? These are great questions, and we’re excited to share the news.Read more

Bas(s)ic Instinct: How CSM Jason Ward Quickly Found His Groove at PrismHR

When Paul Tutmarc created the first electric bass guitar in the 1930s, we’re confident he didn’t have HR outsourcing and Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) in mind.  The same could easily be said for Jason Ward, one of PrismHR’s motley crew of customer success managers (CSMs). The HR outsourcing (HRO) space wasn’t even something he would...Read more

The UEX Project: Access Is (Not Taken for) Granted

When it comes to improving software, people come first. But shouldn’t that mean all people?  We think so.   When we think about our favorite apps and programs, nowadays form is just as important as function. The two really go hand in hand because a visually appealing program can help make navigation intuitive and frustration-free....Read more

PrismHR's Focus on Operational Efficiency: Working Every Day to Save You Seconds

PrismHR understands the importance of time when it comes to HR functions from benefits administration to talent management and everything in between. Whether you’re an HR outsourcer or a staffing company, at PrismHR the innovation you need starts with faster speeds.Read more

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