Melissa Eversole’s New Role at PrismHR Is Bound to Be a ‘Success’

By James Tehrani

Cincinnati is known for many things. From the recent growth the city has seen in advanced manufacturing to the five championships held by the Reds—the oldest franchise in Major League Baseball—to the emergence of the adorableness of Fritz the baby hippo, who is generating daily “awws” from his fans who visit him at the Cincinnati Zoo, this Midwest city knows a thing or two about success.

As does Melissa Eversole who is stepping into a new role at PrismHR.

Melissa spent a few years as a PrismHR customer success manager before being promoted to become the company’s manager of customer success, and in January she was promoted again to PrismHR’s director of customer success. She will lead a team of CSMs who are charged with helping customers deal with any issues that may arise.

Pam Morris
Teamwork Services Inc.

Melissa hails from the Queen City where Hollywood royalty like Halle Berry, Steven Spielberg and the late, great Doris Day also called home.

When Pam Morris, president of Brunswick, Georgia-based Teamwork Services Inc. learned about Melissa’s promotion, she said, “I am not even surprised to hear this wonderful news for Melissa … given her knowledge, talents and professionalism! She is an outstanding person and we truly value the experience and insight she has brought to the relationship with Teamwork Services.”

Rhodora Tuten
Teamwork Services Inc.

Added Rhodora Tuten, Teamwork’s vice president of payroll information systems, Melissa “always made sure we were able to get in contact with the right people and that we were aware of features and products that could support our business. She has been a wonderful advocate for Teamwork Services, and we’ve been delighted to work with her!”

And Melissa’s seemingly always on the go. When she isn’t at work, she is often spending her free time watching her kids’ baseball, basketball, football, golf and cheerleading events. This always-on-the-go mom of five somehow finds as much time to spend with her family as she does her customers.

It’s that level of enthusiasm that customers have come to expect from Melissa.

“She’s a servant leader, she’s a tireless worker, and she’s awesome,” says Russ Jones, PrismHR’s vice president of sales. “She has empathy and compassion for what the client’s going through, and she’s walked a mile in the customers’ shoes.”

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Kevin Davis
Sequoia One

Kevin Davis, director of systems at Sequoia One, echoes that sentiment: “Melissa is empathetic, helpful, personable, continues to understand our needs and is a strong advocate for us. She is a reliable and trusted resource who is always available and even checks in when she hasn’t heard from us in a while.”

Her path to PEO success started when she studied business at Miami University Hamilton and sped forward during her time working in the accounting department at a car dealership. She came to the Professional Employer Organization world by a chance meeting at an American Payroll Association (APA) gathering, and she has forged her career working with and helping PEOs for the better part of two decades.

With her ample experience, her customers get to see every day how passionate she is about their business.

Danielle Hendzell
CoStaff Services

“We love working with Melissa as our CSM,” says Danielle Hendzell, vice president of human resources, at Southfield, Michigan-based CoStaff Services. “She has been a tremendous asset to our team in developing and growing our partnership with PrismHR. She cares about our concerns and is always willing to listen and be our advocate to help us get what we need. Her prior PEO and operations experience is a huge asset in her role, and she is able to understand our needs and organizational goals. Our team can always count on Melissa and her upbeat, enthusiastic attitude makes her perfect for the CoStaff Team.”

Melissa also understands the importance of accurate and well-functioning payroll processes because she knows work-site employees count on the software each and every day as a means to make ends meet. At PrismHR, she says, the service model and software give companies the efficiencies they need to make sure that payroll’s done accurately and timely, and people are able to access their data anytime they need it.

Her focus on caring was a trait she learned firsthand from her grandmother, who worked as a case worker for children’s services, which, as we all know, offers some of the most challenging, emotional conditions of any career path. When children are involved, emotions are amplified.

“She was a very hard worker and so, from the get-go, she was always my person,” Melissa says.

Melissa’s grandmother taught her the value of empathy and dependability, which she has used in her own career to build bridges and connect with her customers. “For me, I don’t like to let people down, so if I owe people things, I try to get them done as quickly as possible,” Melissa explains.

And payroll processes have been fueling her career path for decades.

When it comes to any issues that might arise, “Melissa sees it as a problem affecting or impacting their ability to pay an employee so they can get paid so they can go get groceries or pay the rent,” Russ says. “And she takes that responsibility very seriously” as she and the other CSMs work strategically to find solutions for the customers.

She understands very well what it means to provide for a family.

While you would never guess it when meeting Melissa, she, herself, is a nana. She already feels a strong bond with her grandchildren just as she had had with her own grandmother. Besides following her own kids’ extracurricular activities closely, Melissa also loves watching spending time with her grandchildren.

And while Melissa professes that she was not much of an athlete herself, except for maybe a little cheerleading, she is a fierce competitor when it comes to fantasy football.

“Melissa kicked everyone’s [butt] the past two years” in fantasy football, Russ says, because she always did her homework.

Putting that theory to the test, this Chicago fan asked Melissa, who is a Cincinnati Bengals fan through and through, about Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

Without missing a beat and showing that she’s always paying attention, Melissa chimed in, “It’s funny because the Bears are picking up really good assets for sure, and my son-in-law is a Bears fan, so we’ll see.”

“There are a lot of layers to Melissa,” Russ explains. “One of the things that I see, among all the other billions of things, is she went into the PEO space at the ground level. Quickly, people recognized that, ‘Hey, she’s a hard worker, she gets it, she’s interested in doing a good job, and she’s a leader.”

Well, the day to lead has come.

Ready to learn more about Melissa? Connect with her and the rest of the Customer Success team at PrismHR LIVE in Nashville, Tennessee (June 2-5).