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Streamline Talent Acquisition with Hiring

Hiring is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that makes it easy for your clients to post jobs online, engage with applicants, and onboard new hires. Successful hiring is a key growth drive for your clients. Expand and optimize your services with recruiting, while reducing your risk.

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Expand and Optimize Services

Hiring alerts your team when your client opens a new job or fills a position. This puts you at the forefront of the hiring process where you can more easily identify new opportunities to help your clients and sell more services. For example, now you can potentially identify WOTC-eligible candidates and employees even before they start.

Reduce Risk

By getting out in front of the hiring process, and taking advantage of hiring alerts, you can, for example, quickly address a situation where a client is hiring a worker for which they do not have sufficient Workers Compensation coverage. Addressing this up front helps you mitigate your risk and run your business more effectively.

Help Your Clients Grow

By making it easier than ever to find talent and saving time throughout the hiring process, your clients will get more value from your services. From expansive job postings to managing the applicant communication process and even simplifying onboarding, your clients can find and hire great employees faster than ever.

Simplify Onboarding

Job applicant information feeds directly into PrismHR, eliminating any need to re-key or re-purpose the data. By using our online hiring software, data from placed candidates automatically converts to a new hire, initiates the onboarding process, and saves you time, effort and potential data entry errors.

Find Great Candidates

Our online hiring software gives your clients everything they need to accelerate the hiring process, including:

  • A fully branded careers web page that integrates easily with most common content management systems
  • A single platform where PEOs and clients can work together to communicate regarding candidates and hiring decisions
  • Email and calendaring tools that make scheduling easy
  • Integration with dozens of job boards and social networks to post and advertise job listings, including LinkedIn, TalentZoo, Craigslist, Twitter and Facebook

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