Payroll and Benefits for Staffing Firms

Choose integrated payroll technology for Bullhorn One, or to outsource payroll and benefits via the PrismHR service provider network.

We offer two solutions for your needs:

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Bullhorn One with integrated payroll

Bullhorn One with payroll powered by PrismHR gives staffing firms the best front and back office, all together, as one integrated solution.


Outsourcing HR for Staffing Companies

Outsource payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance with PrismHR’s network of service providers

Outsourcing HR using the PrismHR Network of service providers lets you reduce HR headaches and focus on growing your business.

Proven Payroll and Benefits Solutions that Simplify Back Office

Staffing is inherently complex.  Evolving challenges — competition, shrinking margins, old and siloed technology, growing back office expenses — have made it harder than ever to win business, fill jobs, and operate profitably.

PrismHR delivers staffing software and access to a network of HR service providers to help staffing firms overcome today’s payroll and benefits challenges. In fact, we help more than 80,000 businesses and 2 million employees get access to great payroll and benefits each and every day.


More than 80,000 small and medium businesses take advantage of PrismHR technology


PrismHR delivers payroll, benefits, and HR solutions to over 2 million worksite employees each month

$80+ Billion

The PrismHR platform processes more than $80B in annual payroll

Bullhorn One with Payroll Powered by PrismHR

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Unifying Front and Back Office with Bullhorn One

Bullhorn and PrismHR have partnered to deliver the most comprehensive solution for commercial staffing.

With the deepest integration and the most flexible payroll options, staffing firms can finally get the best front and back office, all together, as one integrated solution.

One Unified Solution From Start to Finish

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could run your entire business with one solutions from start to finish, from sales to recruiting to payroll and billing?

Now it’s possible because Bullhorn One includes payroll powered by PrismHR. Your team can run as one – one team, with one source of truth, and on one platform.

PrismHR Payroll - Fast. Accurate. Reliable.

Proven and Reliable

You get accurate, reliable, on-time payroll with more than 20 years of engineering behind it.

Complete and Flexible

Handle virtually any possible payroll scenario across all 50 states including compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Fast and Efficient

Bullhorn One data is integrated with PrismHR Payroll software, reducing the need to re-key data. 

Your payroll data is automatically integrated across staffing activities

Payroll processing steps for small businesses

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Back Office Outsourcing for Staffing Firms

Focus on the activities that help your firm grow – and outsource the rest with our comprehensive staffing software and network of back office service providers.

Complicated back office requirements for staffing companies can hamper organizational efficiency, detract from employee experience, and result in costly or unpredictable financial situations.

PrismHR technology, combined with outsourcing world-class back office services from HR service providers, allows your firm to focus on its core competencies and offload the rest to back office experts.

Payroll, time tracking, benefits, compliance, workers’ comp, risk management, and more — our staffing software has got you covered.

Outsource back office services for staffing companies

Why PrismHR's Back Office Solution

Improve Efficiency

Take back office support completely off your plate and refocus internal staff on value-add functions.

Reduce Risk

Tax and compliance expertise, better coverage and plans, and accurate payroll ensure back office tasks are handled correctly every time.

Scalable & Predictable

Adjust services as your needs change and avoid traditional lump-sum payments with pay-as-you-go workers comp plans.

Find the Perfect HR Outsourcing Partner to Help

With nearly 300 HR service providers in the PrismHR Network throughout the United States, we can match you with the ideal partner for your specific needs and location.

Partners in our network use PrismHR technology and can help you with outsourced payroll, more affordable workers comp and benefits, and much more.

Offload Risk and Reduce Administrative Burden

tech and services

Our HR service providers offer a complete suite of back office solutions delivered through the PrismHR platform, including:

  • Payroll Processing & Taxes – Processing, taxes, W-2s, across all 50 states
  • Employee Benefits– Access to upper-tier medical, dental, vision, and supplemental benefits
  • 401k – Flexible, pre-designed plans at a reduced cost
  • Workers’ Compensation – Access to A-rated carriers, pay as you go plans, and claims administration
  • Policies & Training – Plan development, implementation, and maintenance
  • Compliance & Legal – Stay on the right side of ACA, I-9s, EEO, etc.
  • Reporting & Analytics – Access the information you need to run your business

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