Reduce Data-Entry Errors and Speed Up Payroll with Ease

Back-office software built to address the nuances of back-office duties
within timekeeping, approvals, invoicing, and reporting.

Bilflo Introduction

Bilflo’s main automation features include:

  • Electronic time & labor approval
  • Import time from outside systems
  • Simple & fast automated client billing
  • Real-time sales & GP reporting

Timecard Management

Bilflo offers seamless timecard management with features such as diverse time-tracking options, approvals and reminders, smart pay calculations, time-off management, expense reporting, and customized pay items and location-based rates.

Automated Invoicing

Bilflo’s automated invoicing feature is designed to revolutionize the way you manage and deliver invoices. Our Automated Invoicing offers personalized bill rates, consolidated/individual invoice grouping, customizable templates, effortless generation and delivery, integration with accounting systems, version control, and editing, streamlining your invoicing process.

Business Intelligence

Bilflo’s Business Intelligence is designed to unlock the true potential of your organization’s data. Our cutting-edge software offers a centralized system for generating insightful reports and analysis, giving you a comprehensive view of your company’s performance.

Performance Management

Bilflo’s performance management is a dynamic solution designed to optimize your team’s performance and drive success within your organization. Our advanced software offers a comprehensive approach to managing performance by aggregating metrics, setting personalized goals, and fostering healthy competition among team members.



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