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PrismHR provides more resources and support for HR Service Providers,
PEOs, and ASOs to attract more business and grow.

HR Software for the Complete Employee Lifecycle


Easily post jobs
and find great


Quickly capture
data & forms to
streamline the new-hire process


Web-based and mobile-friendly enrollment for worksite employees


Efficient time and
attendance integrated
with Payroll,
Benefits, and HR


Efficient and
reliable, built to
scale as you grow


Track and
manage WSE
activities and


Easy access to
the key metrics
you and your
clients need


Empower WSEs
and client

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PayPlans & Benefits

PayPlans & Benefits chose PrismHR to gain a
competitive edge in the marketplace and to meet the
growing and complex needs of their clients. PrismHR
helps PayPlans & Benefits provide comprehensive
services to their clients with the PrismHR platform
that is always on the leading edge of technology.

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) 2019 Trends Report

This report provides insight into numerous aspects of the HRO industry, including: growth trends, customer retention, organization size, and much more.

PrismHR to Acquire AgileHR

The acquisition of AgileHR and addition of its cloud-based talent management solutions to PrismHR’s HR software products provides its HRO customers with a wide range of best-of-breed solutions for their SMB clients.

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More than 30% of PEOs Use PrismHR Technology

> 80,000

PrismHR powers more than
80,000 organizations

> 2 Million

Delivers payroll, benefits, and
HR to over 2 million WSEs

> $55 Billion

Processes more than $55
Billion in annual payroll

2019 HRO Trends Report

Industry Trends for HR Service Providers, PEOs, and ASOs.