PrismHR Health Check

Enable your staff to work at peak performance and use the PrismHR platform to its full potential

Your staff is using the PrismHR platform every day to run your business and service clients. But after years of using the system day in and day out, they likely have built workarounds and custom processes that may actually be slowing them down. And with so many new enhancements released each quarter, they may not be utilizing the latest functionality to work most effectively.

A PrismHR Health Check will help your team improve productivity, build their knowledge base, and deliver more value to your organization and your clients.

  • Use the PrismHR platform to its full potential
  • Adopt new functionality for maximum efficiency
  • Access education and learning resources when your team needs it


What Is a Health Check?

Just like a doctor’s visit or bringing your vehicle in for maintenance, having an expert take a look at how your team is working can pay dividends through the improved operational health of your organization.

During your on-site Health Check, an experienced PrismHR consultant will look “under the hood” at your software environment and sit side-by-side with your staff to observe how they’re using the system.

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Improve Performance with Personalized Recommendations & Training Plan

Following your Health Check, we’ll document all our recommendations, including quick efficiency wins and a personalized plan to train your team and implement best practices—so they can work faster, more confidently and accomplish even more for your organization and your clients.

  • Deep-dive analysis of how you’re using PrismHR
  • Detailed recommendations to enhance the experience for your staff and end users
  • Personalized plan for training and implementing best practices

Get the Most Value Out of PrismHR with a PrismHR Service Plan

Working with a dedicated team of PrismHR experts on an ongoing basis will accelerate building knowledge across your teams, get new hires up to speed faster, and increase adoption of the latest functionality. The PrismHR Service Plan is a perfect fit for organizations committed to continuous learning and getting the very most out of the PrismHR platform.

  • Drive continuous improvement through insights specific to your organization
  • Define and execute on an adoption roadmap
  • Increase your team’s access to training resources at a discounted rate
  • Discounts on Data Engineering and Custom Programming

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