PrismHR Software Platform

Human Resources Software for PEOs and HR Service Providers.

Complete HR Platform

PrismHR delivers the most complete end-to-end human resources software platform with all the capabilities and functionality you need for Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO). The PrismHR PEO platform helps your organization deliver world-class HR services for the entire employee lifecycle.

Human Resources software that works across devices: desktop, mobile, and tablet

Efficient, Cloud-Based HR Software

PrismHR is web-based and delivered securely in the cloud, enabling access to the platform from anywhere, anytime, across devices.

With PrismHR human resources software, your team can process 2-3 times more payroll than with other HRO Software providers. That increase in efficiency means your team can service more customers and increase your profitability, improving your bottom line.

PrismHR Platform Modules

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Our Human Resources Software for HR Service Providers Includes:


Improve your team’s productivity and client satisfaction. PrismHR ClientSpace keeps your team organized, on track, and focused on resolving issues.

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With pre-built reports for payroll, HR/benefits and client activity, PEOs and ASOs can quickly access data by date, client, or a wide range of other parameters. And ad-hoc reporting provides deeper insight and access.

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The PrismHR API makes it easy to exchange data between PrismHR and other systems in real time, so you can extend and integrate with the core PrismHR platform.

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HR Admin

From FMLA to employee termination workflows, HR Admin makes it easy to manage and track employees with greater efficiency and visibility.

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Fast, Efficient Payroll Processing and Management


PrismHR Payroll gives you more efficiency, flexibility and accuracy than any other payroll solution for PEOs and ASOs. Fewer employees are needed to run more payrolls with PrismHR than other HCM software.

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Financial Operations

PrismHR Financial Operations gives you accounts receivable and billing, check reconciliation, and integration with leading general ledger systems.

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Complete Electronic Benefits Administration and Enrollment

Benefits Administration

PrismHR Benefits Administration helps you accurately manage benefits for your clients and provides the flexibility to customize benefit programs to fit their unique needs. Plus you get the calculations and reporting that specifically address the Affordable Care Act.

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Benefits Enrollment

PrismHR Benefits Enrollment makes it easy and efficient for you to deliver modern, web-based and mobile benefits enrollment to your clients and their worksite employees. It’s now easier than ever to plan and manage multiple open enrollment programs.

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Data Bridge

PrismHR Data Bridge automatically extracts, transforms, validates and securely transfers enrollment data for worksite employees to carriers and providers.

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Everything You Need to Hire and Onboard Employees

Talent Management

PrismHR Talent Management software gives your clients the HR tools to quickly and easily find, hire, and retain top talent.

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PrismHR Hiring is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that makes it easy for your clients to post jobs to online job boards and manage communication with applicants.

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Employee Onboarding

Process new hires, including employee demographic information, federal and state filing information, and customer business-specific forms.

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Performance Management

Performance Management will help your clients develop and retain their top employees and increase employee engagement.

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Simplify Employee Time and Labor Tracking

Time and Labor

PrismHR Time & Labor, powered by TimeClock Plus, helps PEOs and ASOs and their worksite clients and employees track time and labor quickly and easily from time clocks, the web, and mobile devices.

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A Modern HR Self-Service Portal Experience

Employee Portal

Employee Portal provides client managers and worksite employees with access to data and tasks, from any browser, anywhere, anytime.

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PrismHR Marketplace: Customize and Extend PrismHR Software with Leading HR Application Providers

With PrismHR Marketplace Partners, you can deliver deeper capabilities to your clients by adding even more services to your offerings, boosting your client value and stickiness.

Our Marketplace lets you supercharge PrismHR with add-on capabilities to deliver industry-leading solutions and service offerings for applicant tracking, consulting, and more.

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