Manager Self Service

Web-based Self Service Access for Client Managers

PrismHR gives your worksite manager self service access to specialized reports and the ability to enter or approve timecards and time off requests. Plus with customizable security, individuals only have access to what they should see – and nothing they shouldn’t.

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Unified Experience

Client managers work in the same web environment that you do.  With PrismHR, it’s easier than ever to work with and support managers. Clients even get their own dashboard with quick access to key contacts on your team, their employees and favorite links.

Empowered Client Managers

Client managers can view reports and act on tasks such as time approvals. Individual clients can even process their own payroll if you allow it. HROs can also grant control to worksite managers to maintain their employee data.

Role-based Security

With easy-to-use role-based security, you can control exactly who sees what, by client, role or even by individual. From access to menu items and reports to specific fields, you ensure that client managers see what they need to, but don’t have access to any information that they shouldn’t see.

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