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How to Contact Customer Support

Employee Login Support

Please contact your employer or payroll provider for login support. If you’re unsure who that is, contact your manager.

PrismHR is a software company which supplies technology to payroll and benefits providers. Your employer works with one of these providers to manage your payroll and benefits. We’d love to help you but we don’t have access to your login details or personal information.

PEO/ASO Customer Support

Are you a PrismHR customer who needs support? Submit a ticket through the Customer Resource Center.

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I’m a PEO
I'm an ASO/Payroll firm
I am an employee inquiring about my pay or Employee Portal access
I am looking to integrate/partner with PrismHR

I am interested in using PrismHR software for my PEO business.

I’m an ASO/Payroll firm interested in using PrismHR software for my business.

Are you an employee who needs help with login issues, registration, account creation, password changes, payroll and pay stubs, or tax information?

Want to learn more about partnership opportunities with PrismHR?


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