Employee Login, Registration, and Payroll Help

Get support for login issues, registration, account creation, password changes, payroll and pay stubs, W-2 or I-9 forms, or direct deposit updates

Employees needing support or login help should contact their HR outsourcing partner directly.
This PrismHR.com website is designed for Businesses and HR Outsourcing Partners looking to learn more about our HR Software.  Your HR outsourcing partner provides HR services directly to your company.
If you’re unsure who your HR outsourcing partner is then please check with the owner of your business, your internal HR team, or your manager and they can provide you with that information. Unfortunately we are not able to assist with employee login issues on this site.

Please contact your HRO partner for help with these issues:

Employee login help

For employees looking to log in to your employee portal, create a new login, or to change or reset passwords.

New user registration

For employees or new users looking to register to create a new employee portal account.

Payroll/paystub help

For employees looking to fill out payroll, view pay stubs, update W-2 or I-9 forms, or update direct deposit information.