Benefits Administration

Accurate, Flexible & Smart

PrismHR Benefits Administration helps you accurately manage your clients’ benefits programs, even as benefit complexity increases.

Delight your clients with the flexibility to customize benefit programs to their unique requirements. Plus with calculations and reporting that specifically address Affordable Care Act requirements, PrismHR Benefits Administration gives you the business intelligence you need for frequently changing healthcare regulations.

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Full Tool Set

With highly configurable set-up parameters and support for Absence Processing, Flexible Spending, 401(k) Administration and more, PrismHR gives you everything you need to manage benefits.

Simplifying Complexity

PrismHR’s date-sensitive benefit plan setup and company rules handle even the most complex calculations, including client level eligibility and contribution rules. Taking on new clients has never been easier.

Safe and Secure

PrismHR benefits management software has built-in safeguards to allow full collection of benefit plans. Complete and detailed processes and reports facilitate the auditing of collection and payments of benefit premiums. Plus with easy-to-use role-based security, individuals only see the data they need.

Affordable Care Act Made Easy

PrismHR is on the forefront in helping HR Service Providers conform to the Affordable Care Act. With deep reporting functionality built specifically to support ACA, you get the capabilities you need for compliance with the latest requirements. Learn more about PrismHR support for ACA.

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