Taking a Test Drive of PrismHR Manager Self Service (MSS)

By Craig Babigian

In an increasingly competitive market, PEOs are always looking for ways to help differentiate themselves from competitors. Manager Self Service gives PEOs an important advantage to set themselves apart by allowing clients to have unparalleled control over the software that drives their human resource functions.

Here’s how manager self service technology works with your HR outsourcing services.

Manager Self Service for HR Functions

Manager Self Service allows you to leverage the software as a sales tool. It puts clients in the driver seat so they can manage their most basic HR functions – something larger businesses may find very attractive.

You can set control standards based on your client’s wants, needs, and priorities. Role-based security allows you to grant your client as much or as little access as they need.

Here are some examples of how manager self service can be applied:

    • More sophisticated clients with dedicated staff may prefer self service. The average client that has 20 to 50 employees may not see the need for manager self service. But a more sophisticated business with 500 employees will likely want more control. You could even split up functionality between divisions within these larger companies. For example, the east coast would only have control over their region, while the west coast would have the insight and control over the western region employees.
    • Clients can create unique access with role-based security for individuals in their company by removing access to specific tabs or fields. If the client wants a receptionist to be able to access employee records to find out birthdays or home addresses, but they don’t want them to see pay rates, you can set the system to accommodate that.
  • You can set it up so a training manager can review employee certifications and renewal dates with no access to anything else.

Managers with different permissions will see a completely different dashboard from employees. The employee can access their W-2 information, reprint payroll stubs, or other private information through the employee self service portal which is separate from manager self service. But the manager can have your-eyes-only access to pay rates or annual review files uploaded to the system.

Some clients prefer a hands-on approach to payroll. These clients can do their payroll from timesheet entry to final payroll approval through the manager self service portal.

Flexible Customization for the PEO – and Their Clients

Competition demands flexibility and you get it with the PrismHR platform. The HR software can help you attract larger clients by responding to their demands with, “Yes, we can do that.”

Through Manager Self Service, your clients can have as much or as little control as you like. Different actions can be performed by the client or by you, depending on your specific needs. Every PEO/client relationship is different – with Manager Self Service you can easily customize your system accordingly.

The whole point of manager self service is that it provides options – no matter what industry your clients are in. It allows you to create a unique partnership with your clients, as you split their daily functions between their managers and your HR team.