Employee Onboarding

Fast. Easy. Accurate.

Electronically onboard new employees quickly and easily.

As an HR service provider, PrismHR Onboarding saves you time and money with a fast and efficient process.  And it allows you to provide a great onboarding experience that your clients’ employees have come to expect.

If you’re manually onboarding employees today, or if you’re electronically onboarding with software that’s not part of your payroll system, learn how PrismHR Onboarding can significantly improve your productivity and give you a competitive edge by offering an enhanced onboarding experience for your clients’ employees.

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Mobile Friendly

PrismHR Onboarding is responsively designed, so employees can complete onboarding functions on any device from any location.

Modern Design

An intuitive, easy-to-use interface ensures employees can more easily navigate to what they need without assistance, providing what your clients’ employees expect in an onboarding experience.

Built on the PrismHR Platform

All the employee information instantly populates the PrismHR platform, so there’s no need to manually enter data from paper forms or another system.  Once onboarding is complete, employees can seamlessly move to the PrismHR Benefits Enrollment experience without having to log in to a new system.

Competitive Edge  

Offering a mobile-friendly onboarding interface makes it easier to compete for new client prospects.

Save Time, Improve Accuracy  

Electronically capturing all the employee information from any location avoids inaccurate and slow data entry. And it allows you to easily update the version of your onboarding forms instantly.

Lower Costs

A modern interface design means employees can do more for themselves and don’t need to reach out to you for help. And an electronic process eliminates shipping costs of hard copy forms.

Reduce Risk

Improved accuracy and making sure the most updated forms are completed ensures compliance with all state and federal regulations.

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