Employee Experience: Building the Foundation of the Future

By Fiona Moran Last year proved to be a tumultuous year for businesses across the country. The beginning of 2022 saw unprecedented growth as companies recovered from the pandemic. Meanwhile, the latter half of the year saw major tech companies issuing rounds of layoffs. On top of this unpredictable environment, employees also began feeling stressed,...Read more

And the Most Expensive Job in America Is …

It should come as no surprise that income is the No. 1 predictor of our health in America.  It’s well-researched and widely reported that the more money we make and save, the healthier we are physically, mentally and emotionally.Read more

Why Flexibility and Empathy Should Drive Your Workplace Benefits Strategy

Our research at Guardian has found that there’s been a recent evolution in the way many organizations work, with more telecommuting, flexible schedules and adjusted operating models in place. While many of these changes were initiated because of the pandemic, many are here to stay because of ongoing workplace trends and a monumental shift in...Read more

PrismHR's Focus on Operational Efficiency: Working Every Day to Save You Seconds

PrismHR understands the importance of time when it comes to HR functions from benefits administration to talent management and everything in between. Whether you’re an HR outsourcer or a staffing company, at PrismHR the innovation you need starts with faster speeds.Read more

For 2023, HR Tech Can Turn Recruiting and Retention Into a ‘Labor’ of Love

PrismHR invited Joshua Siler, CEO & founder of HiringThing, to present a webinar in October 2022 on recruiting trends we’ll see in 2023 and how to successfully hire in our changing labor market. Here are his thoughts.Read more

3 Key Factors to Adopting Powerful Benefits

The challenging PEO marketplace has companies scrambling to stay ahead of their competitors. Part of the struggle is finding new employee benefits that will increase client satisfaction while taking minimal effort to implement. Read more

5 Ways PEOs Can Improve Operational Efficiency

Here are 5 ways your PEO can improve operational efficiency to run more smoothly, be more profitable, and improve client service and employee satisfaction.Read more

The Key to Employee Retention is Performance Management

Smart employers are thinking about how to keep the employees they have happier and more engaged in an effort to stem employee attrition. Taking measures to retain valued employees makes good business sense, because on average, it costs 6-9 months of an employee's salary to replace them.Read more

How Performance Management Can Help Retain Employees [Infographic]

This infographic provides key facts on the impact The Great Resignation is having on small business and how state-of-the-art Performance Management systems can help organizations develop and retain their top employees and increase employee engagement.Read more

Hiring Today: The Candidate Experience Matters [Infographic]

Hiring is harder than ever, and the candidate experience is an important part of achieving hiring success. This new infographic provides some key data points that can help employers understand and improve their own company’s candidate experience by focusing on the following areas.Read more

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