How to Fast Track Hiring: Smart Recruiting Strategies to Help Small Businesses

By PrismHR

Guest Blog by Stephanie Sparks, Director,
Content Marketing & Social, JazzHR 

If you’re looking to fast track the hiring process for your clients, it’s crucial to focus on strategies that will accelerate hiring and help ensure they get the best candidates ahead of competitors. For many, this process can feel overwhelming. 

Sometimes it seems easier to stick with spreadsheets rather than invest in new technologies and processes. But with the right approach in place, your clients can attract top talent, reduce recruiting costs and focus on growing their business, which also helps you grow your business. Let’s take a look at why hiring speed matters and what you can do to improve hiring time for your clients. 

The Need for Speed: Why Hiring Speed Matters 

Small businesses often compete with larger companies for talent. That’s why the speed of the hiring process is vital. The longer it takes to fill an open role, the greater the chance that quality candidates will accept offers from other companies. 

The hiring process also shapes a candidate’s initial perception of a company, and a negative experience can damage an employer’s brand. A quick hiring process can help eliminate lost productivity and burnout for current employees who have to pick up the slack for open roles. By helping your clients hire quickly, your clients can remain fully staffed and working at peak efficiency.  

Maintain a Talent Pool of Previous and Passive Candidates 

Maintaining a talent pool from previous applicants and passive job seekers can significantly speed up the hiring process for your clients. By having a pool of pre-screened and qualified candidates, they can save time by quickly finding qualified talent. 

Additionally, having a robust talent pool can lead to higher-quality hires for them. Applicants who have previously shown interest, or have been recommended by current employees, will better understand a company’s work culture and values. 

Ensure Transparent Job Descriptions 

Job descriptions are crucial in streamlining and speeding up the hiring process. They can also be one way that slows it down. It all depends on how well you construct them initially. By showing clients and potential clients how technology will allow them to have a detailed and accurate overview of the job requirements, responsibilities and expectations they can attract better-suited candidates and avoid wasting time on candidates who don’t meet their needs. 

Clear job descriptions will help them screen candidates more efficiently, assess their skills and qualifications against job requirements, and help hiring managers make more-informed hiring decisions faster. Additionally, job descriptions improve transparency and communication throughout the recruitment process, so explaining to clients the importance of setting clear expectations is essential for success. 

By investing time and effort in creating detailed and transparent job descriptions, they can expedite the hiring process, reduce recruitment costs and improve the quality of their hires. 

Plan Candidate Personas and Interviews 

Explaining the value of clear candidate personas is essential for helping clients streamline the recruitment process. By creating well-defined candidate personas, or profiles of characteristics that define the ideal candidate, your clients can focus on searching for individuals with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to succeed. This will help reduce the time they spend looking for unqualified candidates and ensure that the hiring process is targeted and efficient. 

Structured interviews also ensure that all your clients’ candidates are evaluated consistently and objectively, reducing the risk of unconscious bias and improving the accuracy of hiring decisions. By having a standard approach to interviews and ensuring it helps ensure their hiring team is on the same page. It also allows them to improve objectivity and confidence that they’re selecting the right candidate. 

Get Technology on Your Side 

Small businesses are limited in resources and time, of course, especially when it comes to hiring. By automating tedious, repetitive tasks involved across hiring, including reviewing résumés, scheduling interviews and extending offers, your clients can connect with talent before another company scoops them up. 

But to do so, you need to be able to provide your clients the technology they need to help them with recruiting. With an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) purpose-built for small businesses, your clients can automate job postings, résumé screening, and candidate communication while eliminating time-consuming manual processes. 

Stephanie Sparks, Director, Content Marketing & Social, JazzHR 

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