A Look Back at 2023: Big-time Announcements, Big-time Innovation Unleashed

By James Tehrani

What a big-time year 2023 was filled with big-time fun! 

Trying to encapsulate highlights from a year filled with innovation, acceleration and inspiration is like trying to play with a few puppies in a room filled with adorable furry friends—no matter how you try to ignore the others, they are going to find a way to vie for your attention. 

With all the big-time announcements and innovation that PrismHR unleashed this year, we gotta give it a try. And if you happen to get a certain Peter Gabriel song stuck in your head while reading this blog, there’s nothing wrong with that! 

January 2023 

We started the year with a big-time question: What is your New Year’s Resolution?. Almost half of you (47%) said “Elevate Employee Experience.” Did you meet that goal this year? If not, you might want to check out our recent Performance Management white paper for some keen insights on how to do just that. 

We also had a lot to say about operational efficiency with input from two big names from the PrismHR team, namely Scott Cormier and Adam Van Beek

And when it comes to cybersecurity, which is a big-time concern nowadays, you can never be too careful. Dwayne Smith shared his tips on keeping Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) safe in 2023 and beyond! 

February 2023

We were on our way with our appearance on NAPEO’s First Friday webinar titled, Managing Your PEO During Economic Uncertainty. PrismHR Chief Operating Officer Tim Pratte led a heady discussion that featured Questco’s Wendy Katz, InTandem’s Lisa Petrovich and Pathway Strategies’ Ray Dile. You can read a recap on our blog.  

Who said December was the only time for reflection? PrismHR Executive Vice President Craig Babigian took some time to look back on all of the amazing NAPEO CEO Forums he attended over the years ahead of the March event. It must have felt like one big adventure! 

I even took some time to profile Trion Solutions. You can read their story about how they were able to watch it grow into one the biggest PEOs in the country through hard work and dedication. 

March 2023 

As Taylor Swift kicked off her big-time Eras Tour, we were ready to sing the praises of our Partner of the Year. We announced that ZayZoon pulled out the big-time win as our 2022 Partner of the Year. “The ZayZoon team showed exceptional commitment to customer value and success and delivered creative innovations like their Payday Are We There Yet (PAWTY) RV tour and their presence and support at PrismHR LIVE 2022,” said Jonathan Wall, PrismHR’s vice president of strategic partnerships. 

Speaking of PrismHR Marketplace Partners, Guardian provided our first big-time guest post of the year with Dean Pawlowski writing about how important flexibility and empathy should be a part of your benefits strategy. Those strategies could come in the form of more remote work opportunities, supplemental health benefits, a focus on mental health and more. 

We also debuted our new PrismHR Data Warehouse video to explain where all the speedy information delivery came from in 2023 so we can help you grow, yeah.  

April 2023 

As the flowers began to bloom, so, too, did our curiosity for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Big time! In fact, we asked AI to explain how data and analytics can help PEOs—and then we consulted our experts: Tim Pratte, Adam Van Beek, Scott Cormier, Rob Byers and Ken Wright. Take it away, Ken: “The new PrismHR Data Warehouse will allow our customers to integrate with business intelligence software to allow data visualization. Our customer base will be able to merge their data from external sources directly with their PrismHR data. With that, the right person will be able to extract the right data at the right time through various means with the goal of increasing operational efficiency and providing the most robust reporting solutions in the industry.” 

It doesn’t get much bigger than that! 

We also spent some big-time time talking about Performance Management and how it can be used to improve employee engagement. How? By setting clear expectations, practicing positive reinforcement and other proven methods, of course. That’s a good way to be on the road to success. 

Speaking of on the road, our Customer Success Managers were busy visiting customers in April, so we decided to make it show by sharing some of the pics on social. Don’t the CSMs do a fabulous job by the way? Show them some next time you see them with a fist bump or thumbs up.  Also, check out our profiles on two of our CSMs: Melissa Eversole and Jason Ward. So much larger than life! 

May 2023 

The PrismHR Talent Management team headed to sunny Arizona to talk about Performance Management and other key talent-related topics. Wouldn’t you know it? They wound up at Chase Field. Wouldn’t you know it, the World Series-bound Diamondbacks were playing that day. Wouldn’t you know it? Said talented Talent team watched said talented baseball team play ball. That’s big time! Speaking of playing ball, did you know we had a former minor league umpire on our team? True story. Just ask Kraig Sanders. 

Talk about hitting it out of the park! For the first-ever National PEO Week, PrismHR’s Tim Pratte and Craig Babigian shared their thoughts about the PEO industry and how far the industry has come. Big-time gains! 

Sticking with our baseball theme here, we were thrilled to see our very own Adam Van Beek throw out the first pitch at a Boston Red Sox game thanks to our friends at Rocket Software, and he walked through the front door. (OK, we assume he did, but no big deal if he didn’t.) 

June 2023 

It’s all about LIVE! With summer getting started, things were really beginning to heat up with PrismHR LIVE taking place in Austin, Texas, the home of big-time barbeque and big-time live music venues. PrismHR LIVE attendees not only got a chance to hear from our big-time keynote speakers, Scott Stratten and Jeannie Walters, but also PrismHR big-time thought leaders as well. The Discovery Studio was hopping with the unveiling of the new PrismHR UEX, accelerated platform performance through the PrismHR Data Warehouse and the announcement about the upcoming PrismHCM platform. If you’ve ever attended a PrismHR LIVE, you know it’s so much larger than life, right? From live karaoke to a pre-event concert to chowing down on scrumptious grub, this year’s PrismHR LIVE certainly raised the bar! But, as they say in show business, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” We’ll see you in Nashville June 2-4, 2024. Keep an eye out for the registration page announcement and early-bird deadlines, which we hope will give you the widest smile. 

July 2023 

We were talking tech, of course. Earlier in the year, we headed to beautiful Denver to chat with our friends at InTandem to learn more about how PrismHR helps them and their clients succeed. In our first documentary-style video testimonial, we had a big-time opportunity to chat with Monica Denler, Lisa Petrovich and Flor Acevedo to learn more. 

We also headed to the great Show Me State to meet with our friends at Simploy. We not only learned that Carson King is a big-time golf putter, but also how the Simploy team goes out of their way to make their clients feel like family. We spoke with Jay King, Chassie Smith and Mason Howerton for this testimonial. Check it out.  

At PrismHR LIVE, we interviewed more than a dozen customers, partners and colleagues to learn more about their experiences with PrismHR. We launched the first video in July speaking with Trion Solutions’ CTO, Pathik Mody. Learn more about how big PrismHR tech is to Trion’ success

August 2023 

We can’t think of a better time to talk about Time & Attendance than August when people start having big-time thoughts about next year’s HR tech needs. And adding a second or third Time & Attendance option can multiply a PEO’s opportunity to provide clients with big-time options that suits their particular needs. It’s kind of like getting the benefits of a multiball situation in pinball come to think of it. But better, because every “ball” is a big-time winner with no way of getting out.  

Now that’s what we call a creative spin.  

Speaking of creativity, in August, our friends at Guardian hosted a webinar explaining “Creative strategies to increase benefits engagement.” The idea is to think like a marketer when it comes to increasing participation. It’s not too late to get in on the big-time fun. You can still register to watch the webinar on-demand. 

And when it comes to marketing, there’s no better tool than the new PrismHR Marketing Portal to help you get the message out to your clients without having to stretch your mouth. Announced in August, the PrismHR Marketing Portal allows our customers to access templated Marketplace partner email campaigns. Easily customizable, the email campaigns are designed to help increase awareness and adoption of partner solutions at the employer and employee level. The Marketing Portal is a complimentary program for our customers. What better way to increase your market share than with a big-time marketing push? 

September 2023 

Remember the new Unified Employee Experience that we talked about at PrismHR LIVE? Well, we wanted to give you more information about what it entails. But better yet, we wanted you to hear about it from the person who knows best: Rob Roberts. In this video, Rob explains what went into creating the new UEX and what the big-time benefits are for our customers and their clients. It’s something you have to experience

One company that’s really good at marketing is ZayZoon. They got lots of people talking about Earned Wage Access (EWA), especially those workers who’ve had enough of having to wait weeks for their earned pay. That’s why we love this interview with ZayZoon President Tate Hackert because he really explains the origins of the company and how much EWA helps companies and their worksite employees succeed.  

As you might know, every September is World Cleanup Day when people around the world spend time making a difference in their communities. For this World Cleanup Day, we asked our PrismHR colleagues to do their part and they came through with a big-time effort of removing litter from their communities. 

October 2023 

October was one of the busiest months of the year with all the innovations taking place at PrismHR. 

The month kicked off with a big-time announcement that Kevin Andrews would become PrismHR’s new president as he and the tech team work to expand PrismHR innovation to help PEOs, Administrative Services Organizations (ASOs) and SMBs succeed. “Knowing what PrismHR offers its clients and what’s in store,” he said, “I am excited to take the company forward through this next stage.” 

Big-time props for that! 

As Kevin was settling into his new role, we were heading to this year’s NAPEO conference. If you were there, you know that PrismHR was there in full force with cool VR gadgets and lots of exciting information to share. You could say we made a “big noise” if you like. Of course, we were talking improved performance, UEX and PrismHCM. As we like to say: It was “Innovation Unleashed!” Shortly after, we got the opportunity to welcome Casey Clark as the incoming NAPEO leader. We’ll miss, Pat Cleary dearly, of course, but this is going to be a great next step for the industry! 

As is watching this new video with our friends from Nextep. Based in Norman, Oklahoma, Nextep looks to elevate the employee experience big time and enrich people’s lives. How? In this video, Nextep’s Brian Fayak, Nicole Boykins and David Wolverton explain how PrismHR tech helps them do just that for their SMB clients. 

When it comes to technology, nothing is more important than cybersecurity these days. It seems every day cyberattacks are getting bigger. Protecting information and ensuring that those antagonists can’t get in is paramount. That’s why having someone like Dwayne Smith on your side is so important—and if you can have the actual Dwayne Smith on your side, you’re on your way, you’re making it. That’s why we are so proud of Dwayne for all his accomplishments, including being named a Top Global CISO by Cyber Defense Magazine. Congrats, Dwayne! 

Oh yeah, we also launched our first cartoon in October for Halloween. Have you seen it? We hope it will give you the widest smile. Poor Alt! 

November 2023 

It was exciting to read the news that PrismHR was featured in the HCM Technology Report. Our sister company, Namely, played a big-time role in helping us with the new UEX, and we are happy that the industry is noticing the importance of this move.  

When it comes to innovation these days, AI is going to be a big-time presence. With good reason. As our experts and our “guest” discussed earlier in the year, AI will one day play a pivotal role in PEO decision-making. We also couldn’t resist spending some time learning more about AI in this interview with Jefferies’ Daniel Avrutsky. Interesting stuff about HCM 3.0 that you’ll want to check out. 

From Day One, helping power and empower PEOs and their SMB clients has been our big-time mission. That’s why so many PEOs have trusted us from Day One, and why we are still looking to help new PEOs that want to join the industry. Our new PEO Startup Guide with expert information from Jean Goldstein and Chris DeVos is the perfect place to start. So much knowledge they own! Download the new guide today! 

December 2023 

To end the year, keep an eye out for our Top 10 Video countdown for 2023, which kicks off Dec. 21. See if you can guess what the most watched videos of 2023 were. It has been an amazing year at PrismHR, and we are so thankful to our customers who trust us to help them and their clients succeed. 2024 promises to bring more excitement, more tech innovation and more big-time announcements.  

We can’t wait to see you in Nashville and at the other industry events we’ll be attending and sponsoring next year. More on that soon.  

Stay tuned; there will be more announcements and innovation that will be unleashed for sure. Until then, we wanted to offer a shout out to all our customers and our colleagues and their families for an incredible 2023. It was big-time fun; let’s do it again in 2024! 

James Tehrani is PrismHR’s digital content marketing manager. He is an award-winning writer and editor based in the Chicago area.