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Allow employees to access a part of their earned pay with Wages On-Demand.

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Together, We Secure the Financial Future of Your Employees and Their Families

Prism HR has a fully automated integration setup with ZayZoon. ZayZoon improves workplace productivity, retention, and helps with recruitment by giving employees access to their earned wages in advance of payday. It’s a voluntary benefit with no cost of implementation and no overhead needed to manage.

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  • Activate across entire worksite population in 45 minutes with an attractive tile in the Prism ESS
  • No payroll card or T&A required for employees to access their wages
  • Multiple options for FREE access to earned wages
  • No client contracting or operational responsibility
  • No funding accounts required
  • No cost of implementation for Prism clients
  • Partners offering zayzoon see 4x the employee uptake in portals
  • Revenue opportunities for PEO Partners

In a perfect world, businesses could pay their employees every day.
Spoiler alert, it’s not a perfect world. We can solve that.

500,000 worksite employees under PrismHR already have access to ZayZoon
100% of employees can use ZayZoon. No time data required. No card required. 1099s ok too!
30% of employees will access ZayZoon
4X increased employee uptake in ESS portals for ZayZoon partners

Case Study

Jorge Giraldo from Senior Helpers in Polk County, Florida has been offering Wages On-Demand by ZayZoon for years now as a tool to retain and recruit talent in the ever-growing Healthcare industry.

Hear his experience working with ZayZoon as he grew his team by giving his employees the proper tools to put themselves in better financial situations and to help them avoid financial uncertainty.

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