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Faster payroll processing, better timekeeping.

Swipeclock gives PrismHR partners the power to increase revenue by 36% and extend customer retention by five years.

Our partners process payroll dramatically faster and maintain account control while offering clients an incredible breadth of timekeeping and scheduling capabilities. Swipeclock fully supports reseller partners with selling tools and technical support.

High Value for Your Clients

Every company that runs payroll needs timekeeping and scheduling. TimeWorksPlus from Swipeclock is fully integrated with PrismHR, preventing errors and speeding the process.

With Swipeclock, your clients get:

  • Easy clock in/out using physical, web or mobile devices
  • Break enforcement for better compliance
  • Time off accruals as simple or complex as needed
  • Time off request management for faster, fairer processing
  • Geofencing and GPS location for audit and compliance review
  • Employee self-service portal for lower admin overhead
  • Clock prompts for collecting mileage, tips, job code, and other details
  • Online schedule access for better adherence
  • Digital time card review/approval for fewer errors
  • Clock lockout and biometrics to avoid unplanned overtime and time theft

As one partner recently said: “No one compares to Swipeclock in the level of functionality provided in a way that is easy to use.”

More Time to Grow Your Business 36%

Put PrismHR and Swipeclock together for a streamlined and supercharged payroll process. You could save hours each payroll period for each client. As a result, you gain time to accommodate additional business. This is not a mere hypothesis—Swipeclock partners today are achieving this improvement.

Extend Customer Retention by 5 years

Our partners have almost unlimited ability to customize timekeeping for each client. This unparalleled flexibility enables partners to be responsive to specific client needs and deliver both capability and support directly. Our partners never trade off account control for customization—something they say is unique and invaluable. It translates into a deeper and ‘stickier’ relationship, adding years to average customer retention.

Some examples of customization include:

  • Accrual customization to allow both standard and negotiated policies
  • Job tracking customization to do job code breakdowns, run reports and use data for billing
  • Audit-ready reports designed to show compliance through time stamps, logins, and approvals
  • Custom clock prompts to collect data at clock in/out, saving time and reducing errors

Like PrismHR, Swipeclock understands and supports our reseller partners as the front-line point of service, helping you grow your relationships and business for the long term.

Selling and Technical Support for Partners

Swipeclock maintains an unprecedented sale kit for our reseller partners. This enables you to effectively sell to current and new clients. The sales kit includes videos, demos, brochures, case studies, and product flyers—many of which can be custom branded for you. We also provide a stream of blog content and syndicated web pages to compliment your company site with relevant content.

Our channel development managers (CDMs) and partner marketing team work with partners to fully leverage these tools. In addition, Swipeclock provides comprehensive technical support to our partners during and after sales. With Swipeclock, our partners are free to provide the best solution to each client request—whether that is by empowering the client, doing the work yourself, or getting assistance from us. As a partner recently said; “It’s all about delivering continuous value.”



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