Taking the Pain Out of Benefits Enrollment

By PrismHR

A recent NAPEO study shows that PEOs make it possible for their clients to offer retirement and other HR benefits, which is a big win for small companies trying to attract top talent. However, small and medium-sized companies still struggle with benefits administration and benefits enrollment. That’s one of the main reasons they use PEO services.

For a PEO, delivering benefits to all of their customers takes a huge amount of time and coordination. It’s complicated and stressful; and that stress is only multiplied by the volume of clients a PEO supports. That’s why the most efficient HR service providers leverage PEO benefits enrollment software.

Benefits Enrollment Software with PrismHR

PrismHR provides software for HR service providers, including PEOs and ASOs. Our benefits enrollment software makes setting up and delivering benefits to your customers easier, and it helps solve some of the most specific complaints employers have when dealing with benefits enrollment.

Open Enrollment

The customers to whom you provide PEO services may have varied and ever-changing needs when it comes to benefits enrollment. Whether they have employees in multiple states, specific plans only available to the executives, or worksite employees that don’t have access to a computer, it’s important that catering to these needs can be done with ease, efficiency and accuracy.

Employees often get frustrated with selecting benefits because it’s not easy to compare all of the various plans and options. Due to this, many say they weren’t prepared for open enrollment and try to make benefits decisions on the last day of enrollment, which makes a stressful process even more frustrating.

Solution: PrismHR allows PEOs to begin setting up open enrollment workflows and plans well in advance of the start of open enrollment. This enables your benefits team to be ready for the volume of customers you serve.

PrismHR benefits enrollment for worksite employees is completely mobile friendly. That way employees can select their benefits from any device that has an internet browser, from any location. Additionally, users can compare up to three plans simultaneously, making it easy to choose the best plan to suit their needs.

New Hire Onboarding and Enrollment

Every time a new employee is hired, HR must enter in all of the appropriate data required for company, tax, and benefits, if they are eligible. If there is a waiting period before an employee is eligible, there needs to be a way to notify the employee that they may select their benefits.

Solution: PrismHR’s employee onboarding software empowers employees to take control of this process and enter their own data. This saves the PEO and the client manager time from having to track down new hire forms and ensuring it’s complete. And the employees’ data automatically flows from onboarding to benefits enrollment, making the entire process that much easier and seamless.

ACA Angst

Small and medium-sized businesses remain confused by the Affordable Care Act.

Solution: PrismHR has built specific calculations and reporting features that address the ACA and any other changing healthcare requirements. Compliance is assured: Our ACA compliance software verifies workforce status, measures if you meet the “large employer” criteria, checks for “9.5%” test, calculates the family rated plan option, and can provide your clients with a health care tax credit report for small employers – and more.

Benefits Enrollment Software for PEOs – PrismHR

HR service organizations who leverage a cohesive and integrated software solution streamlines their benefits enrollment, payroll processing, billing, onboarding, and other human resource functions. This will help your business stand out and grow in today’s crowded HR service provider market.

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