How Flexible Software Contributes to Revenue for PEOs

By Jonathan Wall

Flexibility in the business world means adapting to a changing market. Whatever HR software you are using for your PEO or HR service provider business, it must be flexible enough to shift with you, giving you the ability to go after new markets and offer new services — or new ways to customize those services for new clients.

Let’s take a look at some of the flexibility PrismHR software provides HR service providers. These features will help set you apart from your competitors – and it will do the same for your PEO business.

Hiring and Applicant Tracking Software

PrismHR software covers the entire employee lifecycle, from hiring to retiring. Starting with the hiring process, your clients can create job descriptions and automatically post to external job boards. Options include video interviewing, background checks, and even sending offer letters.

The applicant tracking software automates candidate questionnaires by weeding out applicants that don’t fit a specific profile. You can ask if the applicant has a particular certification, and if they don’t, the software archives that candidate into a different pool, and can automatically send them a “decline” letter.

If your customers are seeking to administer their own hiring processes, PrismHR allows it. The hiring module, along with payroll, time and labor, benefits, and other HR functions, are configurable for the PEO as the outsourced expert, or you can allow the client a do-it-yourself option. Best of all, when you hire a candidate through the hiring module, their information automatically flows to on-boarding and payroll, saving you the time and effort of double entry.

PrismHR becomes not only a tool for your PEO business but a way to up-sell clients by offering configurable and branded self-service portals.

Payroll Software for PEOs and Other HR Service Providers

PrismHR payroll for PEOs has processed more than a half-billion transactions. It dominates the PEO marketplace because of the ease with which you can configure each client’s experience.

One of the biggest concerns is payrolls that involve a multi-state workforce. PrismHR easily handles multi-state compliance. If an employee lives in New Jersey but works in New York, you won’t spend time researching reciprocity rules between states; PrismHR has it covered. PrismHR automatically calculates the appropriate taxes based on where the employee lives and works, and calculates taxes down to a local level.

PrismHR also alleviates several payroll headaches. Automatic payroll prenoting allows employees to verify their bank account information when they first enter in their information -allowing them to receive a direct deposit on their first paycheck. Without this system, the wrong bank account information could be submitted, which delays the process and could easily necessitate starting over. Furthermore, tax forms are automated and customizable, so that the process is just as easy if the employee is an I-9 freelancer from a different state or a full-time worker.

PrismHR provides you with the tools to remain compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including FTE calculations, the 9.5% test, and 1094 and 1095 form generators.

PrismHR Time and Labor

For PEOs, one login allows you to manage multiple clients all within one system. For your customers, one login allows access across multiple functions. The beauty of an integrated time and labor platform is that it makes other HR functions – like payroll – more efficient.
PrismHR software is cloud-based and optimized for mobile devices, enabling today’s workforce to access the information they need, whenever and wherever they need. Employees can clock in and out from their mobile device. The software features a geo-locator stamp that can verify they are onsite when clocking in. Clients can choose fingerprint scanning or card swiping, and use these methods to track employee location and automatically allocate job costing. Managers can monitor the dashboard from anywhere. PrismHR reporting functionality can be set up differently to suit individual clients.

Flexible Software: PrismHR

Human capital management is simply easier with PrismHR. PrismHR can streamline your daily processes and give you countless ways to satisfy a variety of your clients’ needs.
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