Accelerate your Sales and Marketing with PrismHR SEEDS

By PrismHR

In today’s Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) market, Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs) are seeing more competition than ever before. Many of our customers have told us that they are experts in HR services, but not all of them are experts in understanding or marketing and selling technology. In addition, customers asked us to provide training, marketing and sales resources on PrismHR technology. Based on their feedback and input, we created the SEEDS program to help our customers grow.

The PrismHR SEEDS program is specifically designed to help PrismHR customers market and sell PEO and ASO technology and services. The new program provides tools and resources to communicate the true business impact of PrismHR to HRO clients. SEEDS includes templated content, including datasheets and demos, as well as training resources to help market and sell PrismHR-enabled services.

The templated content in the SEEDS program enables PEOs and ASOs to customize the assets with their logo and branding, and build on this foundation to position PrismHR technology alongside their services. These resources greatly reduce the burden of marketing and selling their HR technology. One early program member even noted, “wow, we now have a marketing department!”

Additionally, many of our customers asked for ways to improve their client facing demonstrations. The SEEDS program includes brandable demonstration videos that are perfect for educating and showcasing your HR technology. They can be downloaded and used on your company’s website, or you can use them to train your team on how to showcase the technology and generate excitement from a prospect.

With the SEEDS program, members have access to training resources and assets that lay the foundation for selling HR technology. This includes resources on how to position and communicate the value of the PrismHR technology and how to beat the competition. An ongoing series of training webinars will launch later this year.

As part of the program, SEEDS members have access to the SEEDS portal. The SEEDS portal is where you can download customizable assets and demos, and discuss strategies with other SEEDS members and the PrismHR marketing team.

SEEDS is available to all PrismHR customers and is currently free to participate.

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