It’s time for PrismHR Time and Labor

By PrismHR

As important as great technology for onboarding, benefits and payroll are to making an HR service provider (PEO or ASO) efficient, modern time and labor tracking may be one of the most important services a PEO or ASO provides to their customers.

It’s something that is critical to all small and medium sized business with hourly employees or where you need to track time effectively, and something that most clients touch every day. As such, integrated time tracking has been the one thing that PrismHR customers have been asking for to be added to the PrismHR Platform more than anything else.

HR service providers have told us want a way to bring payroll and time tracking together, to be able to process faster and more efficiently, by reducing duplicate data entry and lowering risk. You’ve also asked for a solution that doesn’t require different logins for different systems, and looks and feels consistent. And now the solution to those challenges is here – with PrismHR Time and Labor software.

If you currently use PrismHR Payroll, Benefits and HR, both your PEO or ASO and your clients can now take advantage of a consistent integrated time tracking experience. For your operations team, adding PrismHR Time and Labor makes setting up pay rules, and collecting and managing time entries is now faster and easier than ever. And for your clients, punching in or out can be done via a range of time clocks, mobile apps or as part of PrismHR employee self service.

Once you are set up, data flows seamlessly between PrismHR Payroll, Benefits and HR, and Time and Labor. Integrated data includes: employee demographic data, pay codes and cost centers, as well as PTO balances. And when your worksite employee completes their time entry, approved hours flow back to facilitate a timely and accurate payroll.

What if you don’t currently use PrismHR Time and Labor yet, and currently use HRPyramid or Apex? You can get started with PrismHR Time and Labor today, and take advantage of many of the capabilities discussed above, including a range of time tracking options for your clients, a flexible dashboard to get insight and to facilitate efficiency, and configurable options to handle almost any client’s unique time tracking needs.

And when you move to PrismHR, you and your clients will get access to a completely integrated solution. With one login, you can setup and manage time, and your clients can easily submit their hours, while the necessary data is syncing automatically between time and labor, payroll, benefits and HR.

If you are like most of your peers at other PEOs and ASOs, you are probably super excited about this because of how much time it will save you, and how much better your end client experience will be. To learn more, contact your account representative.