Payroll Automation Software: Automating Payroll and Time Tracking for PEOs

By PrismHR

Payroll automation and time tracking are at the heart of any human resources software for PEOs. These days, automated payroll systems must be cloud-based in order to provide the access-anywhere functionality that clients expect, and so PEOs can service clients effectively. That’s one essential requirement.

The other is that the payroll automation software automates as many functions as possible, so that the daily, weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly time tracking and payroll processing tasks can be completed quickly and accurately, and more payrolls can be run with fewer staff.

PrismHR’s Payroll Automation Software

PrismHR Payroll is the best payroll automation software available to PEOs. Our payroll software is able to run multi-state payroll and taxes for clients and employees who work for different clients in different states, and can process multiple payrolls simultaneously.

Sometimes “automated” payroll systems means “inflexible” payroll systems. PrismHR has the flexibility to enable customers of PEOs to do as little as approving the payroll, or as much as entering timesheet data for each of their employees.

Various types of events can be set up differently for each client, and can be set up to run semi-automatically – in other words, they’re ready to run, the minute you approve them. In fact, clients can get a complete understanding of status and tasks at each stage of the payroll process.  This is something that just can’t be achieved with outdated, manual payroll processing systems.

Payroll automation software simplifies payroll management and prevents errors.

Fully Integrated Time and Labor

Payroll automation in the PrismHR software platform extends to PrismHR Time and Labor. PEOs, their clients, and their employees can track their time quickly and easily from time clocks, the web, and mobile devices. There is no need for manual time sheets. The time-tracking process is fully automated and integrated with payroll.

With PrismHR, everything happens in one system, with one login — not just for the PEOs, but for clients too. Clients can run payroll reports and review time sheets in the same system. Worksite employees can view paystubs and submit time sheets all from one connected payroll automation software system.

A unified, integrated payroll system should also extend beyond just the payroll and basic timecards. PrismHR provides the ability for worksite employees to track time via the web, mobile app, and full range of clocks that include card swiping, and fingerprint scanning.

In addition, our payroll automation software lets employees submit and track PTO and leave within automated payroll systems. This information feeds directly into payroll, eliminating multiple steps and the possibility of data entry errors – and ensures that worksite employees are paid accurately and on time.

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Automated payroll systems using payroll automation software make managing employee payroll a breeze.