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Nettime Solutions’ stratustime is an intuitive, cloud-based time and attendance solution designed to adapt to the changing needs of your customers’ businesses as they grow. Stratustime can be implemented in a number of ways allowing for employees to clock-in via mobile devices, a PC or web kiosk, point-of-sale system, or by calling in. Stratustime also integrates with dedicated hardware solutions—like their netone cloud clock. Nettime Solutions is fully-integrated with the PrismHR interface allowing for a seamless experience for all users.

Employees are able to:

  • Clock in and out from anywhere
  • Review schedules
  • Swap shifts
  • Submit online time sheets
  • Check PTO accrual
  • Submit time off requests

Save time and money with advanced features including enterprise reporting, advanced scheduling, time forecasting, points tracking and more.

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