Integrated Background Screening Is Critical to Efficient and Compliant Hiring

By PrismHR

Employers who leverage applicant tracking systems (ATS) already understand the value in faster, more efficient recruiting of the most qualified candidates. There are lots of additional steps involved in the hiring process, such as background screening or drug testing. 

To make the hiring process truly efficient, employers should also leverage an ATS-integrated background screening solution.

According to PrismHR’s 2020 HRO Trends Report, HR service providers anticipate that two of the top challenges that SMBs will face are “finding qualified employees” and “staying compliant with local, state, and federal regulation.” 

The report also indicates that 77% of SMBs engage in employment background checks.  While a relatively high percentage, it is notably lower than the 94% of employers who conduct background checks, according to the 2020 Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) – annual report. 

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The difference in survey results reveals an opportunity for HROs to adopt an integrated and automated background screening solution such as Crimcheck, a solution now integrated with PrismHR ATS, in addition to prior integrations with PrismHR, PrismHR Hiring, and JazzHR.

Crimcheck’s integrated solutions allow PEOs, ASOs, and their SMB clients to efficiently and cost-effectively conduct employment background checks that will:

  • Eliminate data entry  
  • Improve the team’s efficiency
  • Ensure compliance with the FCRA, state, and local background screening legislation 
  • Reduce risks including workplace violence, theft, employee turnover, and negligent hiring lawsuits
  • Enhance the candidate experience 
  • Accelerate the time to hire

To learn more, visit the Crimcheck website or the Crimcheck Marketplace page.


Crimcheck and PrismHR integration