FW Davison & Company is now PrismHR

By Gary Noke

It’s a big day here and we have a very exciting announcement to share with the world.  We’re changing our name from F.W. Davison & Company to PrismHR and we are launching our next generation software HRO software platform, also called PrismHR. We’re now using one brand for the company and products, all focused on helping HRO companies run and grow. Welcome to PrismHR. 

Last year was a watershed year for the company.  In September, we finalized an exciting new partnership with Accel-KKR providing us with resources to accelerate our investment in technology and talent in order to make our industry leading product and services even better.  Then at the end of last year we completed a limited production release of our next generation  HRO software, code-named “Vision”, and now just a few months later we have it up and running at several new customer sites. 

As such, the time is right to re-brand both our re-energized company and the next-generation platform under one name, PrismHR.  One company, one platform, serving the diverse needs of the entire HRO industry. 

If you are a current customer using HRPyramid, you probably are wondering what this means for you.  It simply means that you now get access to more resources than ever –  great software, services and people who are 100% committed to helping you run and grow your HRO business. Nothing else changes.  And if you aren’t yet a customer, we’d love to add you to the family.  So please have a look around and let’s chat about how we can help.

We’re looking forward to introducing you to the new PrismHR and hope you are as excited as we are. 

Gary Noke

President and CEO 

PS:  Frequently, change introduces a wide range of questions.  So, if you have a question about what this means for you, check out the questions and answers below.  If you have a question not answered below, drop us a note and we’ll get back to you asap.


Why is FW Davison changing its name?

With the launch of our next-generation platform to help PEOs, ASOs, and other HRO organizations run their business and grow, combined with expanded technology and talent resources, it made sense to align all of this around one name for both the company and product. 

When does the new name, PrismHR go into effect?

We made this change starting on February 16, 2015.

What does the design of the PrismHR logo represent?

The unique service relationship that exists between our company, our customers, and our customers’ worksite clients and employees is represented in the brand’s three-sided shape. The complex core functionality of our cloud-based platform is the fundamental component in this service relationship and can be seen at the center of the logo as a white three-sided triangle. Just as a prism breaks up light into individual spectral colors depending on the light’s frequency, customers using our single source platform can offer a full spectrum of capabilities and services, custom tailored to meet their client’s HR challenges.

What does this mean for current customers?

Very little changes. It simply means that when you move to the new platform, it will be called PrismHR. The company you historically have worked with, FW Davison, is now called PrismHR. Beyond that, nothing else changes.

What does this mean for future customers of PrismHR?

This new name signifies increased resources (both technology and people) to help HRO organizations grow and prosper. Beyond that, nothing else changes.

What happens to the HRPyramid product name?

The HRPyramid product name continues as the name of PrismHR’s legacy platform. Customers, their clients, and worksite employees will continue to see HRPyramid in URLs and other product related resources. 

Is the PrismHR platform an all new product?

PrismHR represents the evolution of HRPyramid to a 100% web-centric user experience. It includes the legendary payroll processing capabilities and access to historic data that HRPyramid has always delivered.

What was the ScorPEO product name?

ScorPEO was the name of the first Davison product for PEOs. It was rebranded HRPyramid in 2004.