User Experience (UX): What Is It and What Does It Mean for U?

By Rob Roberts

There’s a lot going on these days at PrismHR, and one of the biggest things our HR service provider customers can look forward to is a vast improvement in our user experience.

So, the first question you might be asking is… what exactly is user experience? User experience, or UX for short, is the overall experience someone has when using a product or service. It spans from interface design to product design, delving deeply into not just how things look, but how things work. If you’re a PrismHR HRO Partner, these improvements will enable you to be more efficient, competitive and profitable so you can better serve your small business clients.

As a company, we’re putting a lot of muscle behind UX—we now have a six-person team of UX designers with deep experience in creating with complex, enterprise applications. This talented group is chartered with fully understanding the goals, tasks, and priorities of our users day in and day out—sort of acting like an architect would in designing a house to meet the needs of a specific family.

At PrismHR, the entire organization gets into the action when it comes to UX. Our UX team collaborates with sales, marketing, support, product management, program management, development, quality assurance and technical documentation to ensure that a superior user experience is a top priority.

We’re creating standards so everything across the product will have the same, consistent look and feel. We are also ensuring UX representation on every product development and engineering project to ensure that our process is design-led with the user in mind.

The Report Center that’s currently being deployed across service providers has powerful sorting, filtering, searching, column selection and aggregation for personalized reports, while still being really easy to use.  
Other initiatives underway will create improved navigation across the entire platform, using a “Center” concept so users only need to navigate areas of the platform where they do their work. In the Client Management area, consolidated pages will mean less clicking around to do important tasks. Security tasks, tax management and benefits will also be streamlined based on individual workflows to put the highest-priority tasks front-and-center.

UX is a high priority for PrismHR and I’ll be sharing more details about our initiatives in upcoming updates. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments at