PrismHR Release Highlights

Check out the top new features and enhancements from PrismHR quarterly releases.

Each quarter PrismHR releases platform enhancements to help you operate more efficiently, be competitive, and improve the employee and manager experience.

2023 Q4 Release | 2023 Q3 Release | 2023 Q2 Release | 2023 Q1 Release

PrismHR Voice of the CustomerThis feature or enhancement was inspired by customer feedback through one of the PrismHR Voice of the Customer programs.

2023 Q4 Release


PrismHR Voice of the CustomerNew Report Center Beta Release: Planned for release in late December 2023 (general release in March 2024), this next evolution of Report Center gives you the power to create ad-hoc reports, craft striking data visualizations, and build dynamic dashboards—all integrated with PrismHR’s robust data warehouse.

COMPLIANCE: Operational Efficiency

PrismHR Voice of the CustomerRemote Location Management Enhancement: Simplify multiple worksite setup and remote employee management. The remote location management feature allows you to effortlessly oversee your remote workforce and streamline employee tax handling.

Common Pay Agent W-2 and W-2c Reporting: Provide employee pay stub transparency with enhanced support for common pay agent W-2 reporting. Now when printing W-2s through a third party, the information will appear on the employee copy within PrismHR.

CLIENTSPACE: Performance & Stability

PrismHR Voice of the CustomerTechnology Stack Upgrade: A modernized technology stack will enhance performance, bolster security, and unlock innovative UI/UX possibilities.

2023 Q3 Release

UEX: Improved Employee Experience

Unified Employee Experience (UEX): Wow prospects and clients alike with a modern and consistent interface across Employee Portal, Onboarding and Benefits Enrollment that will help you compete in the market and retain clients.

REPORT CENTER: Operational Efficiency

New PrismHR Reports from HRPyramid: Get faster access to the data you need with several new reports, including Employee Turnover, Workers’ Compensation Analysis by Client/Class Code, Tax Register Summary and Detail, and ASO Payroll Register.

PAYROLL: Improved Employee Experience

PrismHR Voice of the CustomerPreferred Names in Employee Portal: You can now change preferred names to ensure that people are being addressed as they would like. This change can be performed by the individual employee or service provider.

TALENT MANAGEMENT: Performance & Stability

PrismHR Voice of the CustomerPlatform Performance Enhancements: Experience significantly faster page load times and maximize productivity with increased performance.

COMPLIANCE: Operational Efficiency

Check Stub Configuration: Customize check stubs through enhanced global level settings for Check Options and Pay Details. Additionally, you can customize check formats with header displays and add Gross and Net Wages to check stub outputs.

2023 Q2 Release

REPORT CENTER: Performance & Stability

New Data Warehouse-Powered Reports: A top priority is continually adding new Data Warehouse-powered reports to Report Center to help you get the data you need faster.

Report Views: We’ve migrated your previous report views so you don’t need to recreate your favorite views in Data Warehouse-powered reports.


Benefit Imports: Benefit and Employee Dependents have been added to the Data Import Tool to make importing this information quick and easy.

HSA Mid-Year Limit Calculations for Employer Contributions: Enhancements reduce the HSA IRS limit by employer contributions and helps ensure the employee deduction does not surpass the limit.

COMPLIANCE: Operational Efficiency

Child Support Lookback Logic: Eliminate the need for manual adjustments and streamline payroll processing for flat amount garnishments across multiple batches.

PAYROLL: Operational Efficiency

Enhanced “Reports To” Process: You can assign separate PTO Approvers and Managers for each worksite employee.

API: Operational Efficiency

Client Onboarding Experience: Your client onboarding experience is now simpler with client cloning, enhanced client ownership, and client paygroup creation.

2023 Q1 Release

REPORT CENTER: Performance

PrismHR Data Warehouse: This major enhancement to Report Center replaces our existing database with proven, cutting-edge technology to increase performance, speed, stability and data accessibility.


Proxy Login: Proxy into an application as an employee and emulate what they see, providing a streamlined way to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly.

PAYROLL: Operational Efficiency

Mass Change Functionality: Make changes to multiple employees at once—rather than one-by-one—to streamline payroll processing and save time.


California Pay Data Reporting Updates: Create reports to meet new compliance requirements, including median and mean salary data.


JobTarget Integration (Phase 2): Streamline your talent search by bulk creating requisitions through JobTarget as a recruiter through the Client Management Center (CMC).