Products and Services Update – Q2 2018

Life slows down for lots of folks during the summer months, but summertime hasn’t slowed down PrismHR. With a ton of new products and features, infrastructure and organizational updates, new partnerships, and PrismHR LIVE, there’s plenty to catch up on this quarter.

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New Products and Features

Here are the most notable and exciting new products and features released in Q2.  Read the Additional Product and Infrastructure Updates section below for more detail on all updates and enhancements.

 Interactive Report

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 Account G/L Detail Download Report

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Data fuels critical business decisions, and you are always looking for easier access to more reports and insight.  To answer that need, PrismHR has added a range of new ways to access even more HR data, giving you a greater competitive advantage.  This includes new interactive reports, more accounting data, and enhanced standard reports:

  • New interactive reports within the PrismHR platform provide easy-to-use filters, sorting, grouping capabilities, flexible and real-time calculations, charts, graphs, exports and much more, allowing you to quickly find the data and insight you need. Initial interactive reports include Accounting G/L Detail, Client Location Map, Client Contacts, Federal Tax Liability, Benefits Billing Detail, Benefits Eligibility, and Monthly Gross Wage.
  • New downloadable and interactive accounting reports provide access to more detailed accounting data than ever before. These new reports, including G/L Detail Download,  give you the employee level data you need to streamline the reconciliation process.
  • Standard report enhancements include the creation of reports that were used in legacy products as well as multiple updated and improved reports.

The interactive report preview was announced at PrismHR LIVE and is currently underway. The new interactive reports will be generally available later this year, and PrismHR will continue to expand interactive reports, including new reports and converting standard reports to new more insightful interactive versions.

PrismHR Onboarding

The all new PrismHR Onboarding helps to reduce or eliminate manual onboarding processes with a modern and mobile-friendly experience that is directly integrated with payroll, benefits and more. PrismHR Onboarding simplifies the process for the service provider, the worksite manager and the worksite employee, and it provides you with a competitive advantage with the combination of an easy-to-use, modern user experience and numerous ways to streamline historically manual processes.

PrismHR Onboarding was showcased at PrismHR LIVE 2018 and will be deployed to initial customers this summer, with broader rollout starting later this year for PrismHR customers.

Benefits Enrollment Life Events Functionality

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PrismHR is pleased to announce that if your organization is using PrismHR Benefits Enrollment, you can now use the new life events maintenance form to create workflows for specific employee life events such as marriage, divorce, and births.

Service providers and client managers are able to launch a life event workflow for an employee from within PrismHR. Then employees will be able to log in through the Employee Portal and make benefit selections or modifications based on their life event. For more information, here are the Q2 quarterly release notes that included life events functionality.

New Benefits Enrollment Dashboard

HR service providers can now view enrollments and manage tasks using the new dashboard for Benefits Enrollment.  The dashboard displays benefits enrollment tasks and their status, and you can filter by type of enrollment. The chart displays benefit enrollment records broken down by status, and you can drill into each status to get more detail simply by clicking on the appropriate section of the pie chart. You can even select actions to perform on specific enrollment records. For more information, here are the release notes for the maintenance release that included the new benefits enrollment dashboard.

Advanced Client Location Services

This new feature allows clients to easily identify tax jurisdictions for worksite locations.  The “rooftop level” analysis of address information automatically corrects the address to the correct tax jurisdiction. You no longer have to use an outside system to get the correct address and associated tax jurisdiction.  Now that can be done right within PrismHR.

Employee Portal – Manager Functionality

The new Employee Portal was launched earlier in 2018, and Q2 saw significant updates improving the overall experience and adding in manager-centric functionality. SMB Managers can now view their employees’ information in the Employee Portal (the same portal they use for their own employee activities like PTO requests or pay stub review) through the My Employees section. Managers can filter and sort, easily search, and create custom views of employee information in a variety of ways.

Additionally, the Employee Portal can now accommodate Unlimited PTO for those clients who wish to offer it to their employees.

If you haven’t yet enabled Employee Portal, visit the Employee Portal web page for more information, and read this Employee Portal Configuration Quick Start guide to get started.

In-Product Alerts

In April, PrismHR began including in-product messaging announcing releases and providing access to release notes.

This is a fast and easy way to ensure all of your users are fully up to speed on product updates and maintenance.


Additional Product & Infrastructure Updates

In addition to the major new products and features mentioned above, PrismHR also released a wide range of other product updates, enhancements and fixes throughout Q2 that you can find summarized below.

Which Product Updates Matter to You?


If Benefits are your focus, check out the Benefits Enrollment 2.8.1release, which includes the New Dashboard for Benefit and Open Enrollments, and the 2.9 release, which includes Life Events, as well as many other features and enhancements in both releases.You’ll also want to learn more about the PrismHR 1.10.1 release which includes the new Workers’ Compensation Report. The 1.10.2release includes Audit History on PTO and Check Messages, and don’t miss the many enhancements in the 1.10.4 release. And you’ll certainly want to read about the Payroll, Garnishments, PTO, HR, and Reporting enhancements in the 1.11.0 quarterly release.

And don’t miss the the Employee Portal 2.1.1 release which includes Benefits Enrollment Confirmation.


If you work on Payroll, you’ll be interested in the PrismHR 1.10.1release which includes, in addition to many enhancements, the new Workers’ Compensation Report. You’ll also be interested in the 1.10.2 release to learn about Audit History on PTO and Check Messages, and the many enhancements in the 1.10.4 release. And you’ll certainly want to read about the new features such as Payroll Option Templates, the Certified Payroll and PTO Approval ReportsPayroll No Earnings Report Parameters, and Accounting G/L Detail Download, as well as the Payroll, Garnishments, PTO, HR, and Reporting enhancements in the 1.11.0 quarterly release.Don’t miss the the Employee Portal 2.1.1 release which includes Pay Rate Label, Forgot Password, and Confirm Account Number in Direct Deposit.


Be sure to check out the Worker’s Compensation Report and the Tax Enhancements in the PrismHR 1.10.1 release. And take a look at the Bank Account Enhancements for ACH Support, the Payroll, PTO, Benefits and Deposits Updated enhancement in the 1.10.2release, and the Data Retriever and Reporting Enhancements of the PrismHR 1.11.0 quarterly release. You’ll also find value in the Field Changes in the API 1.12 release.


If your role is focused on HR, you’ll certainly be interested in the PrismHR 1.10.1 release which includes, in addition to many enhancements, the new Workers’ Compensation Report. You’ll also be interested in the 1.10.2 release to learn about Audit History on PTO and Check Messages and the HR, Data Retriever, Reporting and PTO Enhancements in the 1.11.0 quarterly release.You’ll also be interested to read about the Benefits Enrollment 2.8.1release, which includes the New Dashboard for Benefit and Open Enrollments, and the 2.9 release, which includes Life Events, as well as many other features and enhancements in both releases.

Don’t miss the the Employee Portal 2.1.1 release which includes Benefits Enrollment ConfirmationPay Rate LabelForgot Password, and Confirm Account Number in Direct Deposit. The Employee Portal release 2.1.2 will also be of interest for the Document Setup and Client ID at Login to EP enhancements. And you’ll also find value in the Employee, Benefits, and Field Changes in the API 1.12 release.


You’ll want to learn more about the Pulse Mobile Sales Interface and Sales Pipeline & Forecasting enhancements in the Pulse section of the PrismHR Q2 2018 Updates here.


If IT is what your spend your day thinking about, then you’ll want to read about the many enhancements in the PrismHR 1.10.1 release as well as the Reporting, Data Retriever, and System/Security Enhancements in the 1.11.0 quarterly release. You should also read about the Document Setup and Client ID at Login to EPenhancements in the Employee Portal 2.1.2 release, as well as the many, many enhancements in the API 1.12 release. And check out the PrismHR Pulse Scheduled Workflows, Workflow Visualization, and Recurring Tasks updates in the Pulse section of the PrismHR Q2 2018 Updates here.

PrismHR Payroll, Benefits and HR

The quarterly release of PrismHR 1.11.0 includes payroll templates to allow more control over run time employee overrides such as taxation, deductions, benefits, etc., field level security on all employee details screens, and benefit billing adjustments will now follow client billing frequencies. See the release notes for more information.Many other updates were added earlier in the quarter, including workers compensation report, new employee portal updates, audit history on PTO and other approvals, check messages for clients and employees, new alert for retroactive enrollments in employee benefits enrollment, benefit adjustment report header information, Health Savings Account (HSA) direct deposit information, date changes in payroll control, and invoice message address. Review the release notes for PrismHR, and 1.10.4.  The Oregon Statewide Transit Tax patch also became available, and you can review the release notes here.

Employee Portal

Employee Portal 2.2 includes the manager functionality mentioned above, support for unlimited PTO plans, the ability to make the employee’s resident address read-only, and over 30 additional fixes. Review the release notes here.Many other updates were made to Employee Portal prior to the quarterly release, including benefits enrollment confirmation, pay rate label, forget password and confirm account number in direct deposit, document setup and client ID at login.  Read the release notes for Employee Portal 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 to learn more.


Updates include Mobile Sales Interface, Scheduled Workflows, Workflow Visualization, and Recurring Tasks.  Learn more about these any many other Pulse enhancements in the release notes: Release Notes 67Release Notes 68, and Release Notes 69.


The OnHRP update includes a range of stability and performance improvements, an updated version of the I-9 (V6) with logic and display improvements, District of Columbia Notice of Hire and Wage Rate form support, numerous fixes, and more. Release Notes are in the Customer Resource Center.

Benefits Enrollment

Benefits Enrollment 2.9 includes life events functionality mentioned above, documents required panel in enrollment options and notification templates for life events. Please review the release notesfor more information.Many other updates were made to Benefits Enrollment earlier in the quarter, including the new dashboard for benefit and open enrollments, using charts and filters, and using the list and action drop-down, as well as many fixes. Read the release notes for Benefits Enrollment 2.8.1 and 2.8.4 to learn more.


API 1.12 updates include employee, benefit, security and other changes, as well as many fixes. The Upgrade Kit and Release Notes are now available in the Customer Resource Center.


HRPyramid Cloud 14.2 Service Pack 16 includes a wide range of fixes. View the release notes for more information.In addition to the quarterly release update, multiple other updates were made earlier in the quarter, including tax, SBEA, benefits, payroll and garnishment enhancements, OSHA 300A file download, and HSA direct deposit. Review the release notes for HRPyramid Web Edition 14.2 15.014.2 SP 15.114.2 Service Pack 15HRPyramid On-Premise 14.2 Service Pack 15.1HRPyramid On-Premise 14.2 Service Pack 15.2, and HRPyramid On-Premise 14.2 Service Pack 15.4.


SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance

PrismHR has recently earned the SOC 2 Type 1 designation, which means that an independent auditor has validated that PrismHR has the proper policy framework, technical controls and documentation to ensure that its systems and data are both highly secure and highly available. SOC 2 Type 1 compliance also independently validates that PrismHR has repeatable and auditable business processes for software delivery.PrismHR continually works to ensure that the PrismHR Platform is as secure and performant as possible, and achieving this the SOC 2 Type 1 designation is another key milestone showcasing how PrismHR continues to lead the HR outsourcing software industry.  In addition, PrismHR is currently working on the next level of SOC compliance, SOC 2 Type 2.

Updated Maintenance Release Schedule

In order to give PrismHR customers the best possible software experience, we’ve recently updated the PrismHR Maintenance Release schedule. PrismHR and HRPyramid Cloud now have one maintenance update each month.Monthly maintenance releases are primarily comprised of bug fixes and do not normally require any downtime.  For more information, please reference the 2018 Product Updates and System Maintenance Schedule.



MasterTax and PrismHR Offer Tips for e-Filing Schedule R

PrismHR continues to work with certified PEOs regarding Schedule R processing through MasterTax.  MasterTax and PrismHR recently offered the latest tips to e-File 941 Schedule Rs for Quarter 2. Watch a video with PrismHR and MasterTax as well a joint Q&A session on the topic here.

Oregon Transit Tax

This employee tax took effect on July 1, 2018, and applies to employees either living and/or working in Oregon.  On-premise customers should note that an off cycle patch is available in our Customer Resource Center that is necessary to have this tax generate appropriately.  Additionally all customers should note that the naming convention for the tax needs to be manually amended under the “Tax Deductions” page in PrismHR. For more information, please see the Customer Resource Center article.

Compliance Focus

Over the next few months, the compliance focus will be on core year end updates and improvements in regards to 1095, W2 and 1099 processing. Additionally, we have begun analysis on advanced minimum wage functionality, particularly with states like California and New York in mind, where there is both a large employee base and complex state and local rules.  Also garnishment restructuring has been a fundamental focus, with the aim of supporting more complex and nuanced scenarios, primarily including adjustments to priority order. Restructuring will continue through the end of the year, with the goal of advancing user and logic centric changes in 2019.


PrismHR and AP Intego Insurance Group Launch Partnership

PrismHR and AP Intego Insurance Group announced a partnership to make corporate insurance products available to PrismHR customers. This new partnership will make it easy for PrismHR customers to offer commercial property and casualty products, including but not limited to property, general liability, professional liability and cyber to their customers.

You can begin accessing AP Intego products effective immediately. If you’re interested in participating in this initial launch phase, or learning more, please let us know by completing this form.

PrismHR and nettime solutions Extend Partnership

PrismHR and nettime solutions, a leading time and attendance software provider, have announced an extended partnership, and nettime’s stratustime is now available via the PrismHR Marketplace.  Having another leading time tracking option to match the unique needs of your clients enables you to increase your services delivered, add value and improve retention.

The integrated solution is available today. If you’re interested in adding stratustime for your clients, contact your PrismHR account representative. To learn more about the partnership, visit https:/


PrismHR LIVE 2018

PrismHR once again held another successful installment of the largest technology conference for the PEO and ASO industry, gathering together over 550 attendees from over 120 HROs to PrismHR LIVE 2018 in San Antonio. With more than 30 sponsors and exhibitors in attendance, a very special charity event supporting Heartgift, three fun and engaging networking events, another wildly popular “Sneak Peeks” product roadmap session, and 5 tracks of breakout sessions jam packed with learning, the 2019 PrismHR LIVE conference more than delivered on a rewarding and fulfilling experience full of collaboration, education and fun.

If you weren’t there (or even if you were), check out the recap blog post to see some of the highlights from the event. And be on the lookout for more information about PrismHR LIVE 2019 in Boston from June 17-20.

PS: Interested in speaking next year or have a topic you would like to see? Let us know at


Company & Organizational Updates

Tim Pratte joins PrismHR to Lead Strategic Partnerships and Business Development

PrismHR is focused on expanding PrismHR offerings via partnerships that will add significant value for PrismHR customers and their clients. A critical part of this effort is the appointment of Tim Pratte as Senior Vice President of Business Development at PrismHR. Tim has spent more than 20 years in the HR outsourcing industry, serving in a range of roles, including payroll, HR, compliance and underwriting.

He most recently was the President and CEO of Questco, and has held a range of leadership roles at Oasis Outsourcing. Over the course of his career, he has helped thousands of business owners reduce overall labor costs and improve benefit options for their employees through innovative technology, cost saving techniques, and expert advice to streamline business processes. Tim will lead key growth initiatives that include the PrismHR Marketplace and new partnerships, and provide guidance for expanded efforts to help PrismHR customers capture more market share overall.

Please join us in welcoming Tim to the PrismHR team.


Customer Support

Continued Rollout of Our Customer Success Program

Last quarter, we announced a new program called Customer Success. Each PrismHR customer account will be assigned a named Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will be your primary point of contact and your advocate within PrismHR. The CSMs’ sole mission will be to ensure customers are happy and successful on our platform. They are not sales people; they are solely focused on ensuring your business success leveraging PrismHR. PrismHR CSMs have begun reaching out to introduce themselves, to begin learning about your businesses, and to explore how they can help.The CSM team is continuing to be built out, and customers will be contacted over the coming weeks and months to to introduce your CSMs and explain more about the program.

Premium Support Program

At PrismHR Live, we announced a new Premium Support program, designed for organizations interested in upgrading their customer support experience. With this new program, tickets are routed directly to the relevant subject matter expert within our Tier 2 Support team, which is comprised of our senior customer support reps. In our pilot program, this has led to extremely fast response and resolution times. Additionally, customers who enroll in the program will have two hours of extended Support coverage (until 9pm ET). They will also be invited to regularly scheduled “Ask the Experts” Q&A sessions, where they can ask questions of our subject matter experts and learn about solutions to other customers’ challenges as well. For more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Expanded Work Stoppage Definition

We’ve gotten feedback from you that as your business grows, you have an expanding number of activities that are critical to your ability to serve your clients. Accordingly, PrismHR is expanding how Support defines a “work stoppage,” the highest priority given to Support issues. Work Stoppages are now defined as follows.A work stoppage is a critical production issue that requires immediate processing. It prevents your organization from completing a critical business process with no workaround* available. “Critical business processes” are defined as:

  • System-wide production issues that affect all users with no workaround available.
  • Posting errors (System, W/C, Accounting, Benefits, Payroll,Tax) that prevents your organization from calculating, finalizing, or printing payrolls required to finalize by the end of the current business day in order to meet shipping/check date/ACH deadlines.
  • Onboarding activity that prevents new hire’s workflow from activating employee for payroll processing within a 2-day window.
  • Benefits calculation discrepancies affecting a significant number of employees that are preventing the accurate finalizing of payroll(s) required to finalize by the end of the current business day in order to meet shipping/check date/ACH deadlines.
  • Tax Payments/Filing issues that are preventing the timely/accurate remittance of tax payments/filings approaching deadline window.

Expanding work stoppage to include these additional issues will better align our support team’s focus with your business priorities and allow us to ensure timely resolution on the issues that matter the most to you.

*Note: A workaround will provide you the ability to finalize payroll; however, adjustments may need to be processed the following pay period.


Professional Services & Training

Updated Courses

  • LMS Navigation: Course updated to include troubleshooting steps.
  • Employee Portal Configuration: Overview demo video added as an introduction to the portal.
  • Benefits Enrollment: Overview demo video added as an introduction to Benefits Enrollment.

In addition, new job aids were added to the Benefits, System Administration, Human Resources and Payroll learning programs.


Sales & Marketing Resources

Are you a member of the PrismHR SEEDS program? SEEDS gives you sales and marketing resources to help make it easier to market and sell PrismHR technology. Sign up or login.

What’s New in SEEDS

“Creating a Great Employee Experience” Video

Providing a great employee experience is more important than ever. With this new video resource you can show prospective clients how your technology and services can enhance their employees’ experience while alleviating many of their HR-related challenges.Unlike other SEEDS resources, this video was created in partnership with The Starr Conspiracy to offer you a customized video with your logo and branding without needing in-house expertise. To learn more about this opportunity visit the SEEDS “Video” page.

Reporting Datasheet

The Reporting datasheet template is available for download in the SEEDS portal. Similar to the other datasheet templates in SEEDS, it’s a great tool to build your own version of a Reporting datasheet. Download the Reporting datasheet here.

Reporting Demo Video

The Reporting demo video is available to view and download. This video highlights key benefits and features of the Reporting module and is a great way to demonstrate how easy it is to build common and custom reports. View and download the Reporting demo video.

Marketplace Resources

Time and Attendance Selection Guide

Choosing the right Time and attendance partner(s) can be difficult with varying customer needs and more than 100 solutions in the market. The Time and Attendance Selection Guide discusses the key criteria to consider when evaluating and selecting time and attendance partners for you and your customers.


Asheville, NC
April 29-May 2


PrismHR sponsored PACE 2018 Annual Conference. The team networked with clients, peers and partners and heard the latest from Industry Leaders.

Arlington, VA
May 22-24

PEO Capitol Summit

NAPEO’s 2018 PEO Capitol Summit is the PEO industry’s only event solely focused on the evolving world of regulations and legislation.

Chicago, IL
July 11-13

CFO Seminar & CFO Technology Showcase

NAPEO’s 2018 CFO Seminar will offer timely and informative educational programming for PEO industry financial professionals. PrismHR will present the latest technology at the CFO Technology Showcase.

Phoenix, AZ
September 4-7

NAPEO Annual Conference

Come see the PrismHR team at Booth 303 at NAPEO’s 2018 Annual Conference and Marketplace. This event takes place at the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort and Spa, Phoenix, AZ.



Short Term

Here are some areas where PrismHR will be focusing in the third quarter of 2018:


  • Advance employee location services, identify employee resident tax jurisdictions at a rooftop level
  • General ledger setup migrated from legacy to PrismHR
  • Payroll finalization will email invoices to clients
  • Various superbatch enhancements
  • Outstanding approvals now showing on timesheet entry and superbatch screens


  • Business Rules Library
  • Form Sets
  • Dashboard – Export
  • PDF Stored for All Forms
  • Custom Forms – Map Fillable PDFs for NY Wage
  • Rehire Onboarding

Employee Portal

  • Hide/Show Benefit Employer Contribution
  • Adding 3rd party SSO Menus
  • Adding Email to Employee Registration
  • Additional Manager Functionality – PTO Approvals
  • Additional Manager Functionality – View additional employee information (PTO, Benefits, etc)


  • Begin minimum wage development
  • California Flat Sum Bonus logic
  • Begin core year end updates
  • Complete garnishment restructuring, to allow for future development


  • Continue to Convert Legacy Reports
  • Add Billing Voucher Data to Accounting G/L Detail Download
  • Consolidate Payroll Batch Print Jobs
  • Redesign Standard Header, Footer, and Body of On Demand Reports

Benefits Enrollment

  • Qualifying life events – Employee Portal initiated
  • Plan dependencies
  • Address implementation show-stoppers:
    • Alternate contribution plans with risk factors or networks
    • Critical illness setup as life insurance
    • Gender banded plans
  • Notification enhancements


  • Case Creation from Prism for Employees and Managers
  • Client Invoice Level API
  • Gmail Add-in


  • Voucher, Payroll Voucher
  • Get employee by SSN
  • User-defined fields for employee and location
  • Unbundled billing process
  • Billing code totals for a batch
  • Set up benefit enrollment for an individual
  • Create Pulse support tickets

Longer Term

The areas below outline our core initiatives for the future further out:


  • Year end processing improvements for multiple EIN’s
  • Third party check processing to PrismHR
  • Various setup wizards
  • Advanced extra check override processing
  • PrismHR-embedded Pulse case management
  • W-2 client PDF bundle


  • Pay Card
  • Workflow Maintenance – Proxy
  • Custom Form Mapping (Customer PDF)
  • Dashboard Reminders
  • Cross Hire
  • Spanish
  • Batch PDF Download
  • Kiosk
  • Workflow Library – Submit by Category
  • E-Verify

Employee Portal

  • Manager Functionality – HR Actions
  • Manager Functionality – Reporting
  • Manager Functionality – Additional HR Approvals
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Consolidated Look & Feel (OB, BE, EP)


  • MVP for Next Generation of API
  • First release will feature all functionality needed for SSO
  • Add OAuth capabilities and allow client applications to offload all employee filtering security issue to PrismHR
    • Managers will see the same employees that they see in PrismHR
    • Improved auditing
    • Centralized control for user security


  • UX Enhancements:
    • Parameters
    • PDF and Excel Outputs
    • Navigation
    • Reporting Dashboard
  • Ad Hoc Reporting Powered by Informer 5
  • Expand Interactive Reports
  • Consolidate Standard Reports

Benefits Enrollment

  • Document Management
  • Reporting
  • Workflow Grid
  • Libraries
  • 401K (Admin)
  • Domestic Partner logic


  • Sense Architecture Redesign
  • Profitability Reporting/Scorecard
  • More Prism Event Notifications

*These roadmap statements represent PrismHR’s current intentions. PrismHR development plans are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. Any reliance on these statements is at the relying party’s sole risk and will not create any liability or obligation for PrismHR.Top

Do you have something you’d like to see in future updates? Please let us know at, and stay tuned for next quarter’s update!

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