Products and Services Update – Q1 2018

We started 2018 strong and have kept on rolling.  Employee Portal and PrismHR Sales Management, along with improvements in Support, are big parts of this Products and Services Update. Choose any of the topics below and click on the down arrow    to learn more.

New Products and Features

Employee Portal

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The new PrismHR Employee Portal enhances the employee experience with a modern, easy-to-use interface that can be used on any device, anywhere. Its intuitive, professional design can be your competitive edge to win and retain more business, and the portal can be customized to fit all your clients’ needs. All of this, along with full Spanish support, provides an employee experience that ensures more satisfied, loyal clients and reduced support costs.

Now’s the time to give your clients the best possible user experience and enable the new Employee Portal for them. Here are the release notesquick start guide, and the product web page for more information.

PrismHR Sales Management

PrismHR Sales Management is designed specifically for HR service providers and helps you optimize your sales, pricing and underwriting processes to win more deals. It provides pricing and proposals, underwriting, lead and opportunity management, and contact management.

Learn more about PrismHR Sales Management.

Product & Infrastructure Updates

Which Product Updates Matter to You?

We heard your feedback, and wanted to make it easier for you to quickly see some of the most important updates by your role. So take a quick look here, or read on for details by product further below.

Payroll & Benefits

If you focus on Payroll or Benefits, you’ll want to read about all the updates in PrismHR 1.9.2, 1.9.3, and 1.10 .  You’ll also be particularly interested in Benefits Enrollment 2.7.2,  2.7.3, and 2.8.  If you’re an HRPyramid customer, you’ll want to learn more about updates in HRPyramid 14.2 SP 14.2SP 14.3, and SP 15.


If your focus is in the tax, financial, or accounting areas, you’ll be interested in the Tax, ACA, Client, Data Retriever enhancements in PrismHR 1.9.2, 1.9.3, and 1.10 and in HRPyramid 14.2 SP 14.214.3, and SP 15


If you’re in IT, you’ll be interested to learn about System Enhancements in PrismHR 1.9.3and the Client Security Enhancement: IP White List for Client in PrismHR 1.10.  Also, you’ll want to read about all the API 1.12 updates.

PrismHR Q1 2018 Quarterly Release

The PrismHR Q1 2018 Release included PrismHR 1.10, Benefits Enrollment 2.8, API 1.12 and HRPyramid Cloud 14.2 Service Pack 15. Watch the webinar below to learn what is included in the release.

PrismHR Payroll, Benefits and HR

PrismHR 1.10 includes a number of PTO enhancements and improved user experience for managers approving PTO requests. Within Reporting, your reporting suggestions submitted in the Ideas portal led to the addition of Benefits Enrollment data in Data Retriever.  Read the release notes here.Many other updates were made to PrismHR earlier in the quarter, including Tax, ACA, Payroll, Client, Reporting and several other enhancements. Also included were a wide range of fixes. Here are the release notes for PrismHR 1.9.2 and 1.9.3

PrismHR Pulse

Release 66 gives Pulse (and legacy ClientSpace) customers access to two efficiency-boosting enhancements—Slack Integration and Workflow Channels. Slack Integration allows you to view cases and tasks assigned to you in Pulse from within the Slack application, saving you time. Workflow Channels allow you to trigger tasks and data forms automatically to help you ensure tasks are completed by the right person, on time and in the proper order. Read more about the release here.


HRPyramid Cloud 14.2 Service Pack 15 includes a wide range of fixes. Here are the release notes. And the upgrade kit for HRPyramid Web Edition 14.2 15.0 is available here.And a range of other updates for HRPyramid were made before the quarterly release, including Tax enhancements, ACA enhancements and many fixes. Here are the release notes forHRPyramid 14.2 SP 14.2 and HRPyramid 14.2 SP 14.3.

PrismHR Hiring

Many new features have been added to PrismHR Hiring.

  • User-defined workflows lets you define a single approver or list of approvers for each individual job and/or offer letter, giving you the flexibility to manage any approval workflow in your organization. You can also can even skip an approver who is out of the office. You can enable this feature by visiting the workflow icon on their account details page.
  • Protected notes let you restrict access to sensitive information about a candidate, such as salary expectations or notes about a questionable background check result. Admins can decide which user roles have access to view protected notes via the roles & permissions icon on their account details page. Protected notes are available on the applicant viewer under the notes tab.
  • Auto Job Codes automatically generate unique, incremental job codes for new jobs. You can access this feature via the feature management icon on their account details page.
  • Create a library of job description templates that are shared with other users, making it even easier for to post a new job that adheres to your organization’s job posting guidelines and standards. When creating a new job, you can simply insert a job description template and customize as needed. If you  want more internal control, admins can restrict job description access to certain individuals. Users can get started building their template library via the job description templates icon on their account details page.

Benefits Enrollment

Benefits Enrollment 2.8 contains new features including benefits and open enrollments overlap improvements, individual and bulk web enrollment archive, new obsolete status for archived enrollments, and enrollment posting logs. There are also enhancements and fixes. Read the release notes here.Many other updates were made to Benefits Enrollment prior to the Quarterly release.  These include inability to delete notification recipients and notification templates attached to workflows or groups, respectively, a setting to suppress benefit plan auto-termination, posting queue counter, removing enrollments from a posting batch and more. There are also several fixes. Here are the release notes for Benefits Enrollment 2.7.2 and 2.7.3.


API 1.12 updates include automation of the retirement plan enrollment and retirement loan setup process, employee position rates, employee history, making PTO adjustments to the PTO register, PTO requests, I9 employment verification information, MyMessages, and more. Read the release notes here.


A 2018 tax forms update was released to all OnHRP users between March 23 and 28. This update includes the federal 2018 W-4; those states leveraging the federal W-4, including CA, CO, DE, ID, MN, MO, ND, NE, NM, OK, OR, SC, and UT; as well as updates to other state forms, including MD, NY, MO, NC, WI, AZ, IL, and CT.


Be on the lookout for news about SOC 2 compliance very soon. We’ve chatted with many of you about this already and will be sharing updates on this achievement progress in the coming days.


During Q1, PrismHR increased the number of compliance resources, which will help us deliver faster and richer improvements throughout 2018.  Additional resources will continue to be added through 2018.

Year End/Q1 Processing

A substantial focus in Q1 was working with you to ensure successful year-end and Q1 processing.  This included updates to NYC local reporting on W2s, state file specification updates, some support for “employer level” 1095 reporting, improvements to the BLS download, and SBEA “starter file.”

PrismHR LIVE 2018

PrismHR LIVE is a unique opportunity each year for you to learn from industry leaders, your peers and the PrismHR team. Attendees get product announcements, news, and how-to training. They also hear how others have addressed common challenges, and much, much more.  This year, we are also including dedicated tracks to help you improve your business efficiency and grow your business.

Join us in San Antonio, June 10-13 at PrismHR LIVE 2018

Want more information? Visit the PrismHR LIVE website and read the latest blogs on why you should attend PrismHR LIVE 2018.  Questions? Email us at

Customer Support

Customer Success Managers

We’ve hired and are training a new team of Customer Success Managers whose sole mission will be to ensure customers are happy and successful on our platform. Each PrismHR customer will have a named CSM assigned to their account. The CSM will be your primary point of contact and will be your advocate within PrismHR. CSMs are not sales people; they are solely focused on ensuring your business success leveraging PrismHR. Note that you’ll continue to use the Customer Resource Center (CRC) for Support issues, and you’ll continue working with your Project Manager on any matters relating to Professional Services engagements.Over the coming weeks and months, we will reach out to introduce your CSMs and explain more about the program.

Customer Resource Center Enhancements

In addition to resolving your tickets faster, we have an ongoing effort to improve systems and processes that will make both the support team and you more productive and efficient. We are working to improve the Customer Resource Center (CRC) behind the scenes to better measure the entire support process (from case open to close) and identify, prioritize and enhance your support experience.Also in the theme of greater measurement: a new survey tool is coming to get your feedback after cases are resolved. Keep an eye out for those, and please let us know how we’re doing.

Last but not least, we are continuing to add content to the Knowledge Base in the CRC on a weekly basis. In particular, we are making a concerted effort to add more of the following:

  • “How to” content: short articles on common questions and issues, designed to help users get quick answers without needing to log a case.
  • Training content: webinars, other videos, and documentation on specific topics like W2 processing, designed to provide guidance on specific procedures.
  • Links to timely articles right on the home page so users can easily find the latest and greatest info.

Faster Ticket Resolution

Since summer 2017, the average days open for a ticket is down 70%, and this is supported by reducing the case backlog by 58%. We’re continuing to make improvements here to improve your ticket resolution in the coming months as well.

Support for PrismHR Time & Labor

To provide you with the best possible customer support, all support for PrismHR Time and Labor has transitioned to the technology provider for this module, TimeClock Plus.This new support process means that you will have direct access to a team at TimeClock Plus dedicated to PrismHR, and that team can more effectively diagnose and resolve your question.  If the TimeClock Plus support team needs assistance from the PrismHR team to solve your issue, they will reach out to PrismHR on your behalf and communicate progress and resolution information to you.

If you have PrismHR Time and Labor, to log a case with TimeClock Plus, you can do so via or email them at

Professional Services & Training

Updated PrismHR Learning Programs

Version 3.0 learning programs are now available. The role-based learning programs now align with the benefits course modules and incorporate three new intro modules for worker’s compensation and benefits into the curriculum. The benefits course has been broken into four parts: Benefits – Syst

New Course: Data Retriever

View this demonstration of Data Retriever to better understand how this feature helps both you and your clients easily and quickly pull on-demand employee data reports.

Updated Course: Sales Demo Training

Course updated with new Employee Portal information.

em, Benefits – Retirement, Benefits – Client and Benefits – Employee. The worker’s compensation course has been updated to include an intro module.

Updated Learning Program Matrix

The Learning Program Matrix has been updated as well to reflect the changes to the role-based learning programs.

New Course: Employee Portal Configuration

This course contains 9 modules that will assist in configuring the employee experience.  Upon completion, you will:

  • Understand what a template is and how it impacts the employee experience
  • Be able to configure themes, which will dictate the colors seen throughout the employee experience
  • Be able to configure menus, widgets on the dashboard, and access to documents
  • Add a background image and logos to the login page and employee dashboard
  • Understand and create client overrides so you can tweak a setting that will only apply to select clients

Updated Job Aid: Sales Demo Training Guide

Job aid updated with new Employee Portal information.

Sales & Marketing Resources

Are you a member of the PrismHR SEEDS program? SEEDS gives you sales and marketing resources to help make it easier to market and sell PrismHR technology. Sign up or login.What’s new in the SEEDS program:

New Employee Portal Resources

Your customers will love the all-new Employee Portal. A number of resources have been added to SEEDS to help you communicate all the great new benefits and features to your clients. Resources include a datasheeta product demo video with script and screenshots, and a whole new way of demoing the Employee Portal to your customers.The Employee Portal Clickable Demo enables you to provide an interactive tour of Employee Portal. This allows you to demonstrate the software without needing any login credentials or user data. It’s easy to use and gives you the flexibility to show your customers Employee Portal in a real-world setting.

Marketplace Resources

Sales and marketing materials for Marketplace partners have continued to be added. Customizable datasheets for FinFitTIMECO, and Synel Americas are now available. As with all of the other datasheets in SEEDS, each datasheet is in Word template to make it easy to edit and brand the documents.

Submit your company for a 2018 PrismHR Digital Marketing Award

Time is running out to submit your entry for the 2018 PrismHR Digital Marketing Awards. The PrismHR Digital Marketing Awards, a.k.a. The Craigies, recognize and celebrate HR service provider marketing excellence. The third annual Craigie Award winners will be announced at PrismHR LIVE in June. This is one event at PrismHR LIVE you don’t want to miss, and yet another great reason to attend the conference!  Submit your entry before May 15 to be eligible for a Craigie. You must be present at PrismHR LIVE 2018 to win. Companies that submit to win a Craigie will have the opportunity to compete in four categories: Best Blog, Best Video, Best Website and Best White Paper / eBook.

Events & Webinars

Integrated Time Solutions Web Series

The Integrated Time Solutions Web Series featured four time and attendance solutions: PrismHR Time and Labor powered by TimeClock Plus, Synel Americas, TIMECO and nettime solutions. Each partner provided market insights, key benefits and features of their products, as well as a demonstration of their solution. The recorded webinars are available here.

2017 “Sneak Peeks” Update*

If you attended PrismHR LIVE 2017, you were treated to “Sneak Peeks” on some very exciting new product initiatives. Here’s a video of the presentation, and some associated updates.

Data Retriever

After an initial release in the summer of 2017, further improvements have been made in each subsequent quarterly release, including the ability to pull employee and demographic data and the addition of Employee Benefit details, social security detail, invoice detail, and employee status history.

Payroll Efficiency

The employee-centric calculation re-architecture, called “Re-Startable Payroll”, is in development with a beta test targeted for later this year.

Location Services (Rooftop Lookup of Tax Calculations)

This feature is currently in beta stage with plans to release in 2018.

Multi-Factor Authentication

This feature was released in the Q4 2017 quarterly release for system, client, and user.

Informer 5

Currently, 8 customers are beta testing this technology and we are working to determine the best way to take advantage of new reporting capabilities. More detail will be shared at PrismHR LIVE 2018.
We’ve got a whole new host of exciting product improvements on deck for the Sneak Peeks presentation at the upcoming 2018 PrismHR LIVE conference.  Be among the first to know by attending the industry’s largest technology conference June 10-13. Learn more about the conference here and register today.


In-Product Alerts

Be on the lookout for alerts inside of PrismHR letting you know about upcoming maintenance releases, getting you access to release notes and more.


  • Certified Payroll Report in PrismHR
  • OSHA 300AEFILE in PrismHR and HRP
  • New Accounting flat file to be added to Informer and PrismHR as a download
  • Informer 5 beta program, data set development, user security model development, development environment, and embedded report in PrismHR
  • Redesigned interface for client level data in Data Retriever

Benefits Enrollment

  • Qualified Life Events (PrismHR initiated), alternate contribution plans with risk factors or networks, and customer ideas


  • Email Integration with Office365 and Gmail
  • Case Creation from PrismHR for Employees and Managers


  • Profitability reporting support with voucher billing codes and totals
  • Unbundled billing rules
  • User-defined and Performance Management fields
  • Auditing improvements
  • OSHA data


  • Enhanced PTO management, additional pay rate updates, cutback check processing (HRP conversion)
  • Beta of Enhanced ACH Processing (direct deposit)


  • Beta program begins in April
  • Custom Forms, Import New Hire, basic Business Rules
  • Plan is to roll out in June timeframe

Employee Portal

  • Manager functionality (approvals, employee management), additional employee functionality (read-only address)


  • Garnishment logic, specifically:
    • structural underpinnings
    • state tax levy
    • student loan
    • federal tax levy
  • Scope and plan
    • Year end improvements
      • W2 / 1099
      • ACA
      • Tax reporting
    • Enhanced minimum wage functionality
      • Improved local support
      • Bifurcated rates


  • Onboarding: Refine in-flight designs to align with BE
  • Benefits Enrollment: Refine current design/patterns, voluntary slider – beneficiary logic
  • Employee Portal: Information architecture mapping, building UX pattern library, integrating manager approvals and employee view to the EP platform


  • Closing HRP feature gaps, enhancing PTO-related functionality, improving worksite manager workflow, improved Garnishment/Minimum Wage support, centralized document management


  • Dashboard Actions, Business Rules Tool, Pay Card, Cross-Hire, Dynamic Attributes

Benefits Enrollment

  • Life Events-EE Initiated, plan dependencies, Notification enhancements, Workflow Library enhancements, and gender and tobacco banded rates


  • API Enhancements: Pricing and Profitability
  • Sense Architecture Redesign


  • Prototyping technologies for next generation PrismHR API
  • Enhancing online development tools / content


  • Improved report organization, formatting, parameters
  • HRP and Summit report conversions
  • Extending Data Retriever
  • New Data Access via Informer 5

Client Management

  • Enhanced Notifications/Alerts, Expanded Role-based workflows, Integrated Case Management, Email integration, dashboards/reporting

Employee Portal

  • Document Management, HR Actions, Case Creation, and Multi-factor Authentication


  • Improved Garnishment and Minimum Wage support, SBEA restructuring, and year end, W2 and ACA processing improvements


  • Evolve Employee Portal: Modern look and feel
  • Unifying BE and OB style to match Employee Portal
  • Exploring Prism style enhancements based on Employee Portal
  • Improving the style and usability of Reports
  • Continue evolving UX Style Guide/Pattern Library

*These roadmap statements represent PrismHR’s current intentions. PrismHR development plans are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. Any reliance on these statements is at the relying party’s sole risk and will not create any liability or obligation for PrismHR.

Do you have something you’d like to see in future updates? Please let us know at, and stay tuned for next quarter’s update!

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