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EverythingBenefits COBRA Administration service handles the entire COBRA process, from distributing notices and maintaining communications with beneficiaries to monitoring coverage periods and timeliness to collecting/managing premium payments.

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Automated Notifications

Track and receive immediate notifications of qualifying events with exclusive technology that connects every aspect of the environment, management, and reporting process. Automated notifications include:

  • Event type
  • Date of event
  • Change in coverage

Two-Click Approval

Reduce your overall risk and time spent doing COBRA Administration with our two-click approval process. In as little as two clicks, you can review and approve (or reject) any beneficiary’s qualifying event.

Compliance Reporting

Track notifications through the USPS, review initial and qualifying events, and see virtually everything audited within the system through standard reports.

  • Monitor coverage periods and timelines
  • Distribute notices
  • Collect and manage premium payments
“Since switching to the integrated COBRA administration offering by EverythingBenefits, our tasks related to COBRA and State Compliance have been reduced. It has been a huge time saver that leads to an ROI for other projects. EverythingBenefits team has been awesome to work with!”
— Employ Source, Inc.