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Synchronizing employee and payroll data between PrismHR and TimeWorksPlus.

Benefits for All PrismHR Users

Easy Setup

TimeWorksPlus hosts a dedicated web app within the system to quickly set up your integration through a setup wizard.

Increase Efficiency

The integration between TimeWorksPlus and PrismHR makes it easier than ever to share employee data and time card information.

Eliminate Errors

PrismHR users can select the mappings from PrismHR labor fields and sync with the TimeWorksPlus file format and employee home fields. Employee and labor field mapping all sync between systems to eliminate duplicate efforts.

Save Time

Quickly configure, manage, and customize time and attendance tracking to improve accuracy, save time and improve compliance.

Learn More About SwipeClock

Request more information and learn how SwipeClock integrates with PrismHR.

How Integration Works

The following components make up the PrismHR integration:

  • Single Sign On for employee access to the intelligent punch clock in TimeWorksPlus
  • Employee synchronization from PrismHR includes dynamic field mapping for more accuracy
  • Automatically transport time sheet data to PrismHR


To synchronize data between PrismHR and TimeWorksPlus, the SwipeClock PrismHR connector links a PrismHR client to a TimeWorksPlus site and includes an automated job system which runs multiple times a day.

When it’s time to process payroll, the SwipeClock PrismHR connector pushes employee time from TimeWorksPlus directly onto the PrismHR pay grid via an API to reduce duplicate data entry and data entry mistakes. This all happens with a click of a button and is fully automated. You don’t need to download or upload a file.

This job system checks the status of items in PrismHR and updates TimeWorksPlus with changes found in payroll. These changes include identification of new hires as well as updates to employees and pay items. Once an update is found it’s immediately reflected in TimeWorksPlus.

The integration between TimeWorksPlus and PrismHR makes it easier than ever to share employee data and time card information, and gives employees single sign-on (SSO) access to an intelligent punch clock. We’re excited for the opportunity to show you how our leading time and attendance can help you save time and money with a new level of efficiency and value.