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U.S. Enrollment Services  delivers high-touch, one-on-one communication, and employee benefits education  to worksite employees through dedicated individual and call center support. Those services have been proven to increase participation, simplify the enrollment process, and improve the overall benefits experience.  U.S. Enrollment Services is a member of U.S. Retirement & Benefits Partners, one of the nation’s largest combined employee benefits and retirement planning firms.



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IHP delivers affordable, high-quality health plans for any employee group without underwriting. Whether the PEO has a master health plan or not, the IHP program allows a great “next-best” solution for any groups that do not qualify for the master plan. Because the IHP plans are available through the PrismHR platform, they can be easily presented and quickly implemented. We can handle the IHP employee enrollment process for you at no cost!



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  • ALL Plans are Copay Driven and have ZERO Deductibles.
  • Minimum Only 2 Employees. No other Participation Requirements.
  • No Employer Contribution Required.
  • Guarantee Issue – No Underwriting. Available in All 50 States.
  • Unlimited TeleMedicine included in ALL plans.
  • No Hospital Network Restrictions.


MEC Plan

MVP Plan



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