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Short-term funding for PEOs who need access to cash quickly.

The Payroll Funding Company offers a unique service exclusively to PEO clients that provides short-term cash to pay payroll.

They can then use the cash that they would otherwise have used to pay payroll to even out their cash flow, pay bills, buy inventory, grow their business, hire more people, etc.

  • As a PEO, have you ever had to float a client’s payroll (even for a day or two)?
  • Has your client ever had NSF when you went to collect the Payroll Invoice?
  • Has a client ever stopped paying payroll and instead cuts net checks to their employees?
  • Does your PEO have a growing client who needs access to cash to help grow their business?
  • If your PEO client needs access to cash, they generally need it now — not next week or month

The Payroll Funding Company has been partnering exclusively with PEOs for more than 15 years, providing short-term funding to their clients who need access to cash quickly.

As a PEO, your value increases through mutual success. By providing clients immediate access to cash, you provide a way to help their business when they need it most.

Unique to Payroll Funding is our rapid qualification process because they are your PEO client. In a sense they are “pre-qualified”. Therefore, there is:

  • No written application process
  • No formal underwriting
  • No credit check
  • No tax returns needed

PEO Benefits

  • NO more floating clients – if a client currently owes the PEO money we will take on that debt
  • NO liability
  • NO collections
  • NO risk

Our fundings are unique because there is:

  • NO collateral required
  • NO personal guarantee
  • NO lien applied
  • NO security required

Note: Payroll Funding’s minimum funding amount is $10,000 and repayment terms start at 4% APR.



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