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Payroll tax software solution.

MasterTax is a payroll tax software solution that integrates with PrismHR to help PEO and ASO companies fill the gaps in payroll tax compliance, and streamline processes.

Reallocate resources, save time, and bring simplicity to payroll tax filing for federal, state and local jurisdictions. Leave it to one of the most proven and widely-used payroll tax platforms in the industry to help drive long term success for your company and take back control of your payroll tax processes!

Benefits of the PrismHR/MasterTax Alliance:

  • Proven track record – MasterTax and PrismHR have worked together to serve the PEO and ASO markets since 2001
  • PEO-focused client reporting functionality
  • Supported interface and built-in code mapping integration
  • Competitive contract terms for PrismHR clients



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