Streamline ACA Reporting and Ensure Your Clients’ Compliance

ACA compliance can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Let the experts at HRlogics ACA handle it for you so you can focus on what you do best: running and growing your PEO.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), many entities classified as applicable large employers (ALEs) use a third party — such as a PEO — to handle part of their payroll and tax responsibilities.

When considering the pros and cons of PEOs, many companies hesitate to make the investment because ACA requirements change often. To ensure ongoing compliance, employers want to know their compliance is in the hands of experts. Working with HRlogics ACA gives your PEO access to our team, expertise, and technology for complete peace of mind.

Partner with HRlogics ACA to Protect Your Clients
& Streamline ACA Reporting

Compliance Expertise

HRlogics ACA’s team of certified compliance experts provide your employers with periodic compliance reviews, a dedicated account rep, and comprehensive coverage for those employers onboarding / offboarding your PEO.

Streamlined Filing

HRlogics ACA’s solutions make it easy for employers to meet ACA compliance requirements by providing a streamlined workflow that combines employer data with ACA analytics.

Ease of Use for PrismHR PEO’s

Direct access to clients’ information, analytics, and reports, at your fingertips through the Admin Dashboard.

Dedicated Account Rep

You will be assigned a dedicated account rep. The account representative will provide weekly/monthly touch points and detailed training.

Total ACA

HRlogics ACA’s Full-Service Total ACA™ solution offers the complete toolset needed to properly track, manage, file and defend Affordable Care Act compliance.

Total ACA includes tracking and reporting of variable hour employee tracking, managing plan information and enrollment data, and populating codes.

HRlogics ACA’s team of Compliance Experts guides employers through the year-end process of printing and mailing of 1095 forms and E-Filing of 1094/1095 forms to the IRS.

Streamline ACA Compliance

Contact us to discover how partnering with HRlogics ACA can help you expand your service offerings, increase client retention, and ensure compliance with all necessary ACA regulations.