Premier Solution for Maximizing WOTC Benefits

HRlogics WOTC is your premier solution for maximizing the benefits of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. Our expert-driven approach simplifies the WOTC process, helping businesses of all sizes leverage this valuable tax credit to its fullest potential.

Led by a team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and credit experts, HRlogics offers clients 150+ years of combined tax experience. HRlogics’ team brings veteran insight, which allows us to optimize tax credits and incentives for the clients who place their trust in us. Our specialists work in-depth to identify and confirm that your company is qualified for all tax credits or incentives like WOTC, R&D, solar, and state and federal credits. Backed by our 100% audit support, our processes, technology, and results are all driven by our core value of integrity. HRlogics’ dedication to our clients is unmatched.

Automated State Submission API

The industry-leading automated state submission process allows you to benefit from expedited internal and external processing, which results in maximizing determinations within the current tax year and helps to minimize the bulk of pending applications with the state workforce agencies’ WOTC units.

Automated Calculation Engine

The Total WOTC Credit Connect calculation engine utilizes real-time payroll information to provide an integrated solution for visibility into rolling tax credit totals and historical benchmarks to ensure program efficiency and growth. This is also beneficial for estimates and projections per tax year to provide ease during the tax year-end filing process.

Seamless Integration

HRlogics WOTC is integrated with PrismHR, allowing clients to track employees’ hours and wages in real time and view credit quantifications as they progress through the qualification process.

Automated Year-End Process (5884)

The tax year-end reporting process is made easy through the platform as it provides a full reporting packet based on your historical filing deadlines and allows this reporting to be pulled when needed. We will provide the tax year-end summary by FEIN, prepare the accompanying 5884 Forms, and include the employee details with breakouts by FEIN, location, employee, wages utilized, and tax credit totals, along with copies of the certifications. This packet will be stored within the platform for future reference, per tax year. We are here to offer additional support if needed.

10+ Set Reports

The Total WOTC Credit Connect platform has standardized reporting functionality that includes weekly and monthly compliance reporting, monthly billing reporting, and annual tax year-end reporting. In addition, your dedicated Compliance Analyst will be proactively reviewing your screening methodologies to ensure compliance is maximized and will offer guidance if any additional reporting is needed to help achieve the best process and program service.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Not only is the Total WOTC Credit Connect platform able to provide standardized reporting, but it can also provide additional reporting functionality for any needs surrounding new hire information, eligibility information, location/region screening information, target category information, etc. This can assist with any hiring target requirements or quarterly update efforts, and we are glad to discuss additional custom reporting needs.

Full Visibility to WOTC Credits and Applicants

The Total WOTC Credit Connect platform allows full transparency into your current applicants and new hires as they move through the process. This visibility provides insight into eligibility factors, compliance totals, tax credit totals, etc. This insight allows a proactive approach to needed information to expedite the certification cycle and eliminates the administrative burden of applicant follow-up.


With over 3,000 federal, state, and local tax credits, HRlogics WOTC distinguishes itself with a leadership team with over 150 years of Tax Credit experience. Our proven track record speaks volumes, having successfully secured $3 billion in tax credits and incentives for our clients. With an average of 20% of new hires eligible for WOTC, we are dedicated to assisting your company in maximizing available credits while ensuring compliance.

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