Seamless ACA Tracking and Reporting

Eliminate compliance confusion and reduce financial risk with seamless ACA tracking and reporting.

HRlogics ACA, formerly SyncStream Solutions, was the first software to help employers tackle the complex landscape of healthcare and employment reporting and compliance and remains the industry leader in expert customer care. Our innovative solution streamlines the process effortlessly with a self-service option, employing advanced technology and a user-friendly interface. HRlogics’ Total ACA solution transcends being only software; it’s your ally in ACA compliance management, offering expert guidance, proactive assistance, and continuous monitoring to minimize IRS penalties by a tenured ACA expert.

Dedicated Compliance Expert

Your company will be assigned a Total ACA Compliance Manager to guide you through compliance education, solution performance, and the year-end filing process.

Integrated Payroll Data

HRlogics ACA is seamlessly integrated with PrismHR, allowing for efficient, error-free reporting processes and streamlined operations.

Accurate Monthly Monitoring

Monthly Reports notify you of necessary offers of coverage, helping you stay up-to-date and in compliance.

Filing & Forms Distribution

Our experts will guide you through the year-end process of printing and mailing 1095 forms and E-Filing 1094/1095 forms to the IRS.

Real-Time Penalty Risk Identification

Our experts will alert you to coverage needs and cost calculations to minimize IRS penalties

Accumulate Employer Tracking

Track your employees using the payroll data for the monthly or look-back measurement methods.

HRlogics ACA Solution Includes:

  • Total ACA’s team of Compliance Experts guides you from onboarding through the year-end process of printing and mailing 1095 forms and E-Filing 1094/1095 forms to the IRS.
  • Total ACA includes tracking and reporting of variable hour employee tracking, managing plan information and enrollment data, and populating codes.

Increase Compliance. Meet Deadlines. Reduce Risk.

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