Navigate the Complexities of Unemployment Claims

Navigate the complexities of unemployment claims seamlessly with HRlogics UCM’s Unemployment Claims Management and Cost Control expertise, ensuring your business’ financial and operational stability for years to come.

HRlogics UCM, formerly Unemployment Tracker, is a strategic solution to simplify the complex world of unemployment costs and claims management. Led by a seasoned team of UI experts, HRlogics UCM’s customized approach to cost management is the key to our effectiveness in improving our clients’ unemployment compensation program performance and, ultimately, in reducing the related unemployment tax rate.

HRlogics has two solutions to meet your needs. Clear UCM is a self-service unemployment claims management software for smaller organizations or those HR departments that like to do it on their own. Total UCM handles all the paperwork, audits all aspects of a claim to ensure accuracy, supports you through burdensome hearings, and manages all aspects and tax implications of your unemployment program.

Internal Claims Management

Complete administration of your unemployment claims from the beginning to the end by experts on all things unemployment.

Protested Claims Assistance

Proactively pull all UI correspondence, determinations, and hearing notices from UI State Portals, which is far quicker than the postal service.

Hearing Preparation

We fully prepare you and any witnesses so you can represent yourselves and only have us represent you in the hard-to-win hearings.

UI Integrity Act

Employers are required to respond timely and accurately to every claim. This act allows states to fine and impose penalties on companies that are not compliant. With HRlogics UCM, you stay in compliance with the Unemployment Insurance Integrity Act.

Accurate Monthly Monitoring

Monthly Reports notify you of necessary offers of coverage, helping you stay up-to-date and in compliance.

Integrated with All 6 SIDES Exchanges

UI SIDES is a web-based system that allows electronic transmission of information requests from UI Agencies to employers and TPA’s and transmission of replies containing the requested information back to the UI agencies.

HRlogics UCM Award-Winning Technology:

  • Our claims management team utilizes our award-winning UI software, HRlogics UCM, to track, manage, and report on claims. This provides employers with transparency, speed, and accuracy in the claims process.
  • Beyond just managing claims, HRlogics UCM provides data analysis and reporting giving employers insights into trends, potential areas of concern, and opportunities for improvement in their HR practices.

Optimize Efficiency. Ensure Compliance. Mitigate Risks.

Brief Sentence: Contact us to discover how HRlogics UCM can help you navigate the complexities of unemployment claims with ease.