The Pups of PrismHR: Meet Our Office Dogs

By Dan Doherty

We’re proud to be a dog-friendly office. Here are some of our favorite furry friends who brighten our days here at PrismHR.


Nugget the Puggle

Nugget the Puggle is an infrequent visitor to the PrismHR office. She is a known scoundrel whose deceptive cuteness serves as a distraction to mask her real intent of stealing your lunch.

She loves sniffing out food scraps she finds on dog-friendly beaches on Cape Cod, long belly rubs, and knocking over unattended trash cans to eat week-old garbage every time she’s left home alone.

Pup: Nugget

Peep: Dan Doherty

Favorite treat: Paper towels/tissues/toilet paper/food wrappers/used diapers (yuck!)

Favorite trick: Pretending to have to go outside, then running back to steal your food when you get up to let her out

Biggest HR challenge: Constant whimpering if she can’t meet every dog and person who walks by her desk



Olivet is one of our favorite Pups here at PrismHR. She is always hoping to score something yummy to eat in the office — despite what her sign says. Olivet is a certified service dog with a gentle soul.

Pup: Olivet

Peep: Elizabeth O’Neill, Technical Documentation Manager

Favorite Treat: Cardboard toilet paper tubes

Favorite Trick: High Five!

Biggest HR Challenge: Compliance. “It’s always a challenge to not eat from the garbage… especially around the holidays.”



Meet Daisy, another one of our favorite teammates here at PrismHR. Daisy has been a good pup this year and is sure to make the “nice” list come December.

Pup: Daisy

Peep:  Jeffrey Herbert, Senior QA Manager

Favorite treat: Whatever I can score around the office

Favorite trick: Putting on the sad face to get treats

Biggest HR challenge: Overtime. They work me like a dog around here during the holidays!



Pup:  Jett

Peep: Rob Roberts, Director of UX

Naughty or nice: Naughty. I’ve got this whole thing I like to do. First I like to flash crazy eyes, and then I do a jump down the stairs (missing all the steps) and sprint around the house. Slippery floors mean I can do some nice sliding into the furniture or walls. If you chase me, I can keep this up for a while – makes ’em crazy.

What’s on my favorite food list? Bacon with bacon. Did I mention bacon?

Biggest HR Challenge: Workplace etiquette. I can’t stand meetings. Any meetings. Of any size. My basic M.O. is to case the room for stray treats and to look for anybody eating, then I’ll whine incessantly until somebody finally takes me out of there to my soft bed in Dad’s office.



Pup: Annabelle

Peep: Mason Vickery, Senior Sales Engineer

Favorite treat: Honestly? Whatever I can get my paws on.

Favorite trick: When Gordon Brougham does the old fake throw. Gets me every time. 

What’s my New Year’s resolution? Curtailing the whining when my dad leaves his office to get coffee.

Biggest HR challenge: Employee satisfaction. It’s really not that hard here because PrismHR is a great place to work, but I try to put a smile on everyone’s face each and every day I’m here.



Meet our man Bowser.  Bowser is the only bulldog here in our Hopkinton, MA headquarters and he’s a popular guy!

Pup: Bowser

Peep: Jenni Oskierko, Senior Product Manager – Benefits

Favorite treat: I tend to be a treat snob, but I love the bacon ones! Oh, and a good ‘ole Milkbone is nice now and again.

Favorite trick: Sit and Paw. My BFF at work, Nicholas Cugini, recently taught me a new one – to sit up from laying down. 

Biggest HR challenge: Productivity. I tend to wander a lot at work and visit my friends (both human and canine). I have learned my way around the office, but I always find my way back to Jenni.



Meet Bogey, who’s rocking one of his signature scarves, this one in honor of Veterans Day.

Pup: Bogey

Peep: Lindsay Burwell – Sales Operations Manager

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Favorite Trick: Pretending to give you a ball, but really just wanting you to pry it from my jaws.

Biggest HR Challenge: Training and development. “Managing up” has been hard for me. I’m trying to curb the habit of walking straight into CEO Gary Noke’s office and telling him exactly what I want — treats.