James Tehrani

PrismHR LIVE 2023: Talking Tech & Making Memories

Raise your hand if you attended PrismHR LIVE 🤚; raise your hand if you miss PrismHR LIVE;🤚raise your hand if you did not attend PrismHR LIVE, but wish you did and will not miss it next year. 🤚 We thought so. It’s been about six weeks since the annual confab concluded at the gorgeous JW...Read more

'Multiball’ Activated: Why Using Multiple Time & Attendance Vendors Is a Must

If you’ve ever played a game of pinball and triggered the multiball feature, you know how exhilarating it can be. But keeping all the balls in play takes patience, timing, quick fingers and perhaps a little luck.   It shouldn’t be that way with Time & Attendance.  For Time & Attendance software, being able to offer...Read more

PrismHR LIVE 2023: What’s Happening in Austin?

In an arpeggio, a chord is played note by note rather than in one fell swoop. Think Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, Adele’s Someone Like You or Coldplay’s Clocks. In many ways an arpeggio can also be seen as a metaphor for a well-executed conference where each session/event becomes part of a larger overall theme....Read more

Improving Engagement Is the True X Factor of Performance Management

In 1960, Douglas McGregor, an MIT Sloan School of Management professor, published his theory on management and motivation for employees. He split companies’ management styles into two camps: Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X was the belief that employees need to be strictly controlled because they are inclined not to do any work if...Read more

Swinging for the Fences: How Kraig Sanders Went From Umpiring to Empowering PrismHR’s Partnership Program

Baseball is underway with the start of the 2023 season, so we caught up with Kraig Sanders to find out more about how he went from umpiring in the minor leagues to sliding into his current role as PrismHR’s director of partnerships.Read more

5 Ways Data and Analytics Help PEOs (From an AI and Human Perspective)

I was asked to write a blog about how data and analytics can help PEOs. I pondered the thought for a moment, looked over some notes from conversations I recently had—and then did what any modern digital content marketer would do: I turned to ChatGPT to get its take. A take? AI take? Read more

The ‘Physics’ Behind How Trion Solutions ‘Supercharges’ SMBs

When looking over Trion Solutions’ website, something jumps out at you in the About section. It says, “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to achieve more with human resources.” It’s a simple concept but one that countless small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have grappled with over the years. What’s the best way to manage...Read more

Racking Up Cybersecurity Knowledge With Rackspace’s Gary Alterson

As we head deeper into 2023, cybersecurity will continue to be top of mind for companies, especially since 82% of chief information officers (CIOs) believe their supply chains are vulnerable to cyberattacks and 6 out of 10 small businesses go out of business following a cyberattack.Read more

The Turnover Takeover: How Tech Can Be a Differentiator for PEOs and SMBs

While a new year has begun, some of last year’s workforce-related problems haven’t exactly turned over a new leaf if you know what we mean. That includes turnover, which can be a challenge for any company.Read more

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